Life as a Teacher

Did I ever think I would be a teacher? Not really. However I do think, unconsciously, I have been preparing myself for such role.

The thought crossed my mind when I was studying for my masters. The concept of teaching was not brand new to me since my dad is a lecturer at a university ever since I was in high school. I was also a teaching assistant as an undergraduate student and I taught private English classes for extra money in my spare time. Before I resigned to study, I was also given the opportunity to guide new employees on the company’s IT system. So yeah, as I said, the concept of teaching wasn’t new to me. That being said, imagining being in an actual classroom with 20+ students in their late teenage years was just plain terrifying.

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Life as of Lately

I seem to always write in Kartini Day. Life has taken a hold of me and blogging feels so distant from me. I miss it a lot. I miss writing here and reading people’s writings. I am trying to make it a habit again, because every day when I interact with people on Instagram, I am reminded how that connection was made. It was through blogs. Reading and writing and talking via the comment sections resulted in friendships that I wouldn’t have made in real life. And that is a blessing. I feel the social media climate has really changed. I think 5-10 years ago blogging is still a very hyped thing. Nowadays, people can’t be bothered to read more than an Instagram caption. And so, the friendships I made all those years ago through my blog(s) are truly rare gems.

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What is Kartini Day Exactly?

I remember when I was in primary school. It was to be Kartini Day in a week’s time and all the kids were told that we must wear something traditional. The girls were told to wear kebaya.

“Just like Kartini!” my teacher said.

On another occasion, I was told off for playing the drum in the music room because “drums are for boys”.

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Hi, How Are You?

What a time to be alive right now!

I went to Singapore in January during Chinese New Year to visit my sister and I was a little worried about this virus that was going around in Wuhan. At that time Singapore didn’t have any significant cases yet.

I complained a little bit because all the shops were closed during the time I was there. Singapore was so quiet, it was unbelievable, I have never seen empty streets in this always bustling city. We opted for outdoor activities this time around and we were lucky to have been able to do some trails in the lush part of Singapore.

Went trekking in Singapore in January

Little did I know that things would spiral down pretty quickly in the weeks to come.

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What We Talk When We Talk About Rewriting Rules

I accidentally stumbled upon an Instagram post about TedxMlatiWomen some time ago (there is good in mindlessly scrolling my Instagram feed after all, although this is definitely not recommended on a daily basis!) with the theme “Rewrite the Rules”. The first ever Tedx event to be held in Yogyakarta. I wanted to be part of it.

I immediately signed up and after waiting for a few days, I finally got my ticket. I went alone, knowing that if I waited/asked for friends to come, I would end up not going. I was a little nervous going alone, but this opportunity doesn’t come twice so I just went with it.

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