Walking in the Zürich Wonderland

This post was originally written for my old travel blog Dream Explore Wander.

It’s almost that time of year again. The most anticipated holiday of the year.

Christmas! I love celebrating Christmas, and most of all I love celebrating it in Europe. The cold weather, snow (in most part of Europe), the coloured decorations, the Christmas market, the endless delicious food – things you just cannot get in my birth country.

If you are still wondering where to go this Christmas, I recommend you: Zürich, Switzerland.

Really, if there is a place to be nominated as winter wonderland, I would put Zürich in my list. It’s truly a beautiful city with friendly people and amazing food.So what’s so amazing with the city?


During the Christmas season the city is filled with Christmas markets.When I was there, one of the Christmas markets was in the central train station with a huge-ass Christmas tree made in stunning Swarovski. I was impressed.

People were selling cheese, wine, chocolate – everything Chrismassy you can imagine.

It was just stunning. Christmas markets can be found nearly everywhere in the city, do stop by to eat and drink a glass (or two or three!) of their fantastic Glühwein.


Even with the cold weather, I couldn’t resist to walk around the beautiful city. The city takes Christmas VERY seriously.I felt like they rebuild the whole city just for Christmas. I am not exaggerating, just look at this street literally covered with tiny lights. Just beautiful.

Literally every corner of the old city is a hidden treasure. I couldn’t resist popping inside their quirky restaurants and cozy coffee shops.

Bundling up with my warmest jacket and gloves, I also couldn’t stop staring at the beautiful lake and feeding some hungry white swans.


Zürich has a lot to offer when it comes to the matter of shopping. Whether it’s shoes or watches or a Christmas tree wedding dress – Zürich has it all for you.

Of course, if you were me, you would stick to just chocolate shopping. I mean it’s Switzerland!


Zürich is full of cuteness.I think it’s a great place to take your little ones to this city. I spotted this Santa tram when I was there, it was so cool I wanted to be a child for a moment too! Basically children went to this train, got loadsa goodies while being told of Christmas stories. Awwww!

Also don’t forget to bring the little ones to see this absolutely adorable too-cute-to-handle Christmas choir.It’s a Christmas tree with singing children! What is more cute than that?!


Of course I wouldn’t write about a city without mentioning its food. Zürich oh Zürich will spoil you with good food. Cheese fondue, chocolates, Glühwein, Bratwurst, Hot chocolate…trust me, you will not starve in Zürich!

Some Tips:

  • Zürich’s train station is called Zürich Hauptbahnhof has trains from major cities in the Europe. I took a TGV from Paris (Gare de Nord) to Zürich. If you prefer flying, there is also an airport.
  • It gets cold and rainy in the winter so do bring your warmest clothes, some boots and an umbrella.
  • While we all know Zürich is not a cheap city, try to book your stay in advanced. I stayed at an apartment with a kitchen shared with my friends, which was cheaper than staying at a hostel/hotel. Though we tried some restaurants, we also did cooking ourselves to cut budget.
  • Zürich has trams and buses but the best way to enjoy the old centre is by walking, so give the time and energy for that.

So, are you ready to walk in the Zürich Wonderland this Christmas?

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