Beau Soir: Prolog

So once upon a time my bestfriend, Christa, and I wrote some stories and I thought it would be nice to relive our writings here. 

Written by: Christa

Seven years ago…

It was the last day of spring and the airport was extraordinarily packed, bustling with people anxiously waiting for their flights. Among the crowd was a young woman, her eyes lost in the blue sky displayed from the glass windows. The sky was so clear, with almost no clouds concealing its glorious azure. She witnessed as one particular plane soared off towards that very same sky, further and further away until her eyes could no longer see it.

Further and further away to a place beyond her reach… and with it, a large irreplaceable part of her was taken away.

It took a few moments before the young woman realized that warm droplets of tears had trickled down her cheeks. And once the realization hit her, the tears wouldn’t stop falling. She gasped for air and felt anguish finally setting in within each breath she takes. After months of keeping her emotions in the back seat, the woman allowed herself to cry. She cared not that the sight of her arose questioning looks from passersby.

Just once, she wanted to break down and cry.

Tomorrow she would find strength to smile again. She would convince her friends that she was alright, that she was happy her ‘friend’ received the chance of a lifetime. She wouldn’t divulge on them how broken she actually was that her first love had left her to pursue what had ironically brought them together in the first place – music.

She couldn’t blame him. No promises had been made. From the start she knew he was going to leave her. The times that they had spent together would just be a fleeting memory of a young love that never got the chance to truly blossom.

Their story ends here – on the last day of spring.


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