Queen of the Night

I am not a huge fan of flowers but I do love watching pretty flowers and take pictures of them. My mum on the other hand is quite an addict, she would squeal with joy whenever she sees bright, beautiful ones (so imagine the excitement when we went to Holland in the tulip season!).

Anyway, she started planting some flowers in our minuscule front garden and one of the flowers that she planted was this flower called Wijaya Kusuma. I’ve never heard of it and I wasn’t really interested in it until the day it blossomed.

The smell of the flower was so intoxicating! The whole house smelt so lovely. The funny thing about the flower is that it only blossoms in the night time, starting around 7 PM and stops at midnight. So it was really exciting to see this “Midnight Queen” blossomed during the night.


I’ve seen it three times now blossoming and each time was always full of excitement (red: the whole house getting giddy, going outside and taking pictures!). I can’t wait for the other buds to grow!

Have you seen this flower?


3 thoughts on “Queen of the Night

  1. I got this flower in my backyard (not really a yard, more like a garden actually). Few weeks ago it blossomed, just didn’t realize it has nice scent. It is planted on the ground, not in a pot. I got this flower from my mother who is such an avid fan of it.


    • Maybe this flower is a mother’s favourite 🙂 – it smells lovely! Especially when the flower is big! I planted mine in two big pots and there are more buds coming yey! So excited 🙂


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