Why You Need Older (and Wiser) Friends

So lately I’ve been looking at my close circle of friends and realised that I have a lot of friends who are older than me by age. At first I’m like “ok, is something wrong with me? Am I unable to befriend people my own age? Am I boring?”

Then I went into deeper thinking (cos that’s what overthinkers do), and then a revelation. I am not boring and I still have friends my own age. I actually enjoy having friends who are older than me because they give different views of lives as well as opinions. I like talking to them about “mature” things, it makes me feel ready to face whatever’s coming my way. I consider my mum’s friends my friends too because sometimes they have interesting opinions or they ask for my opinion, and I never say no to a good discussion. 

So here are 5 reasons why every girl needs older friends:

They have experience

Yes, being older means they have been through things you haven’t. Learn from them, they’ll even open up to some of their mistakes and give you advice on how you don’t have to repeat the same mistake.

Wide range of topics

Seriously, I love older friends because they bring so many interesting topics to the table. Take a detour from your normal “who is that cute boy” to discussing something new, like “have you tried chia seeds, it’s power food” to “book depository offers free shipping, it’s awesome!”.


They will give you support no matter what, and no one can say no to support.

They bring you back to reality and/or let you dream high

Older friends know when they need to snap you back to reality when things get too illogical. But sometimes they will also be the ones who tell you to dream high when you’ve reached your lowest point.

Curling up with coffee and chats

They don’t mind at all that your idea of fun is sitting at home with coffee in hand and chatting all day. 

I am certainly blessed to have these people in my life. So who else have older friends that they treasure?


10 thoughts on “Why You Need Older (and Wiser) Friends

  1. Aku juga suka bergaul sama yang lebih tua dari aku dengan catatan, mereka ngga selalu harus merasa harus kasih advis ya. Kalo gitu rasanya jadi punya orang tua angkat 😉 Semua yang kamu tulis diatas aku dapet dari temen-temenku yang lebih tua dari kelakuan mereka & how they treat others. They show me how.


  2. Kalau aku malah kebalik.. temenku banyak yg lebih muda semua hihihi, untungnya di aku jadi ngga pusing diantara temen2 seumuran yang sering ngeluh udah pushing thirty, lebih relax lah akunya hehe


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