Cancer Talk #3: Goody Two-Shoes

I am a goody two-shoes by nature. I cannot break a rule without breaking a sweat or feeling truly guilty. I believe rules were made for a reason and I cannot break one for the life of me. Sometimes I hate that about me.

So, when I decided that I didn’t want a second biopsy, naturally I felt like a bad ass. I mean…right?! Yea, a bad ass for all the wrong reasons.

Then the doctor called.

Who does that? What kind of doctor calls his international patient to convince them to do a second biopsy?! How nice can you get! Pfft!

So that guilty feeling for breaking the rule started to creep up. Damn the goody two-shoes in me!

And so I gave in and did a second biopsy. This time I was advised to do it in another hospital, just to get some sort of second opinion.

It was more or less the same as the first one (but with a way cuter doctor). It was just as painful, I cried just as much.

This one has to be right! I mean I have not one but TWO scars from this biopsy thingy so this one has got to give the right answer. Right? Right????

My head was filled with crazy questions, all of which were unanswerable.

What is the right answer anyway? Do I want the doctor to say that I have c a n c e r?! Do I want him to say it’s an inflammation again? But that would mean yet another biopsy! Why is this so complicated?!


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