Cancer Talk #4: A Confused Second Biopsy Result and a Bad Decision

I am certain that everyone’s made a mistake or 1000 in their lifetime. I have for sure, and up until 2 years ago I have lived with them and made peace with what I did wrong, hoping that I learned my lesson and not repeat the same mistakes twice. Then there was this one mistake, I still regret it until now, because I know it was a really idiotic one and present me would grab past me in the arm and scream at her face saying “YOU ARE MAKING A HUGE MISTAKE!”. I really wish present me did that.


The result for my second biopsy was not much different to the first one. It basically said (in normal human language):
Dear Anxious Patient, well it’s definitely NOT just an inflammation but we really can’t decide whether it’s a lymphoma or thymoma – they’re both cancer fyi, so yeah we are sort of telling you that you have cancer but we’re not sure. On a scale of 0-10 we’re only 6.5 sure. So yeah. Sincerely, Confused Biopsy 2

Always trying to find peace with the mistakes I’ve made in the past

I was SO MAD. How could I not be mad? Over e-mail the (cute) doctor explained that this was common (yeah I’ve heard that before!) and he suggested that they send my biopsy for one more test. I know that if this test failed I would have to do another biopsy and this one would be a big one, a surgery. For star’s sake (yes this is Lunar Chronicles-inspired, those of you who don’t know what that is please Google), a surgery for a flippin’ biopsy. Who’s the drama queen now eh?

I knew this “test” would cost more money. So I said NO, this time for real.


If you’ve been living in Asia, in Indonesia, then you know that herbal medicine is a big hit. People love them, from curing period cramps to headaches, there is a herbal remedy for everything. If you’ve heard the ever popular various herbal drinks “jamu”, then you’ll know how dedicated and proud we are of our herbal remedies. We don’t usually take them with doctor’s prescription because that’s just how we roll.

So I remember a famous herbalist in my town who is known for his super herbal medicines curing everything from simple cough to cancer. Now that I read that sentence, it really sounds ridiculous. It was a temptation I couldn’t resist so I paid him a visit. 

He told me it wasn’t cancer at all, that I shouldn’t worry and he gave me some herbal medicines. This was perfect! He said all the things I wanted to hear! And by the way he didn’t even need a biopsy, he simply closed his eyes and examined the beating pulse from my hand. What a genius.

See I have no cancer! All I need is to swallow these herbal pills which I have no idea what it contains but I’ll take my chance because he said “no cancer!”

I smiled but inside there was a nagging feeling. I pushed it aside, ignoring it. 

By all means I am not against herbal medicines and I am not blaming this herbalist for the next events that were about to happen to me. But I do strongly encouraged those who take herbal medicines to really be careful and do your research first, even consult your doctor beforehand. To be taking herbal medicines without knowing the correct dose or duration may harm your body. I will talk about this in more details based on my own experience later on.


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