Cancer Talk #21: Unexpected Angels

May – July 2015

I have always been a believer that there is a solution to every problem. My parents knew they had to find a place to stay soon, so they started looking even before I knew it. Even though there were many adverts of rooms to lend in the Subang Jaya (SJ) area, most of them a) only wanted to rent it for at least a year; b) blatantly stated they didn’t want to receive sick people; c) only rented a single room, meaning the apartment was shared with other people (usually students, and this was definitely not an ideal option).

Luckily long time friends of my parents, who met my parents when my dad was a pastor in Salatiga, a small town in Central Java, around 20 years ago (!) offered their apartment. They were husband and wife, Uncle E and Aunt T. Weirdly enough, the sister of Aunt T met my dad back in Yogyakarta when I was too sick to even greet her. When she asked how we were coping with the living situation in SJ, my dad only said that he stayed at a cheap hotel while my mum stayed at the hospital with me. He then went on saying how difficult it was to find an apartment to rent.

Picture from here

Without saying much, she contacted her older sister, Aunt T. After an unexpected reunion with my parents, Uncle E and Aunt T told us that we simply had to stay at their place. They had a spare room that we could use.

Even though I didn’t know Uncle E and Aunt T very well in Salatiga (I was 3 years old, and after they got married they moved from Salatiga), my parents and I knew Aunt T’s parents quite well. However, we felt that it was too much, we would intrude their life and I was sick so it wouldn’t be as easy as living with a healthy person but they insisted.

For the next 6 months we stayed at their place. They both treated us like family, Aunt T would laugh and talk to me whenever I was in a good mood, but she would cry and hug me too when something went wrong. When they had a day off, they would both offer me a ride the nearest mall so I didn’t get bored.

I’m pretty sure they gave up a lot of their privacy by receiving us but they never complained and were always happy to see us. We never felt awkward around them as they were always so welcoming even when I was in a sour mood. They always thought of me even when they were away, asking about me and always made sure that I was comfortable. I felt tremendously blessed to have them in my life.

I believe they were my unexpected angels. I don’t think saying “Thank You” to them is ever enough, but here is another “THANK YOU” to my unexpected angels, Uncle E and Aunt T.


2 thoughts on “Cancer Talk #21: Unexpected Angels

  1. yupp kak,,
    selalu ada sesuatu yg diluar pikiran qt untuk menolong,,, semua itu dalam kendaliNya kk..
    udah nonton “miracles from heaven” kak,, diangkat dari kisah nyata,,


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