Cancer Talk #22: For My Nurses

I think I may be the world’s worst patient. I spoke very little, hardly ever smiled, my world went mute for quite a while just because I was so devastated with my state. This was not me. If you knew me from before my diagnosis, you’d know that I love to chat but during my long term stay at the hospital in 2015, I had no desire to speak to anyone for almost a year.

Though I have doctors, especially my oncology, who took amazing care of me (and they too deserve a post on their own), the people who I see the most during my long term stay at my hospital were the nurses. These nurses were the first people who would get noticed whenever I had pain. Whenever I needed help, I would press the “help” button available by my bedside and a nurse (or two) would come and ask me what’s wrong.

Being a nurse might just be the hardest job in the world. My mum and I grew close with a few of them. These nurses were always cheering me on, telling me that they were praying for me, held my hand, wiped my tears and even hugged me. They gave me hope and encouragement. The job of taking care of sick people, especially those with cancer, is not an easy task. It goes beyond giving medicines to patients and helping the doctors.

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There is no such thing as “holiday” in hospital wards. There is always patients, any time of the year. This means someone or some nurses have to give up their holiday to take care of us patients. This means giving me morphine when I was in pain, setting the IV for my chemo, taking my temperature every few hours and not to mention comforting me when I got terribly anxious – when they were supposed to be having a break.

I really felt that they sincerely cared for me, not only because they were doing their job. There were even nurses who didn’t just comfort me but they bought me things to cheer me up. Simple things like a cup of coffee, a book, a “Stay Strong” mug, a pretty snow globe and other things – I should be the one giving them gifts for their kindness to me and yet I seem to be the one receiving all those wonderful gifts. On top of all that, I think the greatest gift they have ever given to me was their time. I know they have seen a lot of cancer patients, so these nurses know what I’m going through. Their words, giving me courage and strength, helped me braved cancer.

I am forever grateful that the nurses at my hospital are really kind to me. They have made my hospital stays a little bit more bearable. Dare I say, my hospital even feels like a second home to me. Every time I got admitted, these nurses always greet me with a smile on their face. No matter how tired or crazy their day at work is, they always manage a smile.

To the nurses of Subang Jaya Medical Centre: Terima kasih.

Next time you get admitted into a hospital, don’t forget to say thank you to your nurse and say how much you appreciate their presence. Their job is tough, but they are even tougher.


8 thoughts on “Cancer Talk #22: For My Nurses

  1. Such true words. I’ve been in hospital three times this summer, on the same ward and the nurses remembered my name. The nicest thing they did was bring ice ream milk shakes around the ward at 10pm on the hottest day if the year and we were all struggling with the heat ( no air conditioning due to concerns about infection). I’ve never been so grateful for anything, ever. The care that they show is amazing. My daughter started medical school two weeks ago. She hasn’t chosen the easiest career, but one that she will be very good at.


    • I agree with you Karen, it is definitely not the easiest job in the world. Caring for a lot of people and often they get yelled at due to the patient’s mood and yet they take care of us no matter what. I hope your daughter will help her patients like the nurses who took care of you and I 🙂


  2. cancer ini deket banget dengan kehidupan cewek, dulu bosku kena cancer payudara, kedua payudaranya musti dioperasi ditambah lagi kakak temen jg kena cancer rahim, sebagai cewek kita harus aware dgn kesehatan terutama cancer minimal suka baca2 artikel biar dapat ilmu, kalo aku pernah operasi tumor kista ateroma di tangan, jd emang perlu bgt pengetahuan ttg cancer. salam kenal


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