Bring It On 2017

I am so over 2016.

From some of the updates I read, people think 2016 went by really fast. Time flies, they say. People also said 2016 was not the best year.

I agree with the latter but for the “time flies” statement, nah.

2016 (and 2015 actually) went by really slow. I wished time would go faster. Maybe that’s what hospitals do to time, they slow time. I remember every minute sleeping on my hospital bed wishing time would go faster. I wished every drip of chemo would go faster. I wished today would be yesterday and tomorrow would be today. I wished time could grow a pair of legs, nay, a set of wings so it could fast forward itself into a future where I didn’t have to do chemo or sit in a hospital bed or worry about my blood test result.

2016 was filled with horrendous news. Is it possible that we leave those baffling terrors behind and fill 2017 with kindness, joy and peace?

I may be selfish, but I can’t wait for 2016 to be over. I want 2017 to start ASAP. I want that new, clean slate and I want to make thousands of scribbles on that slate until there are no more space left to scribble.

Happy New Year to everyone. Thank you for all your support this year and for befriending me in my darkest time.

Bring it on 2017!

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6 thoughts on “Bring It On 2017

  1. Selamat tahun baru Aggy! Semoga kesehatan yang baik selalu menyertaimu, dan semoga jalannya pengobatan selalu menuju ke arah kesembuhan selamanya, secepatnya. Semoga segera bisa jalan2 lagi dan melakukan apa yang tertunda.


  2. Happy New Year Aggy! One thing I am grateful in 2016: that I stumbled upon your blog and I cherish every bit of your stories. I think you are a very strong person, open and a great story teller. Keep on doing what you’re doing 😉


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