This Year I Will Do…

I was browsing through some journalling ideas (as one does on a rainy afternoon) and found this awesome printable >>

I printed the MORE/LESS sheet because I thought it was such a good idea. I never really do resolution because I’m so bad at keeping them but I thought this year I would do things a little differently (and since I have nothing else to do anyway…).

So here’s what my MORE/LESS resolution looks like:






Read books

Appreciate friends and family

Baking (because it makes me happy, and I love to bake for people)

Love myself

Be positive


French (parce que j’adore le francais et j’utilise trop Google Translate, j’utilise Google Translate maintenant que je tape. Je suis très mauvais.)



Embrace my weirdness

Picture from here


Complain (no one likes a complainer)

Cry (although crying can be good, just not as much as last year)

Listen to people’s negativity

Expect too much from people

Talk (because I talk way too much, I need to listen more)

Assume the worst in people




That’s all I can think of for the moment being. What about you? What do you want to do more/less this year?


14 thoughts on “This Year I Will Do…

  1. Menarik Aggy daftar more and less nya. Semoga bisa ya melakukannya. Yg pasti tiap tahun aku selalu ingin mengurangi sifat sumbu pendek alias gampang cranky haha. Kasihan suami ngadepin istri labil. Mau kurangi konsumsi garam tahun ini, mau nambah kegiatan sukarelawan lagi, mau belajar alat musik (pengennya piano) dan pengen kuliah lagi di bidang yg baru (niatnya haha)


    • Sama nih mbak, sering cranky juga. Kurangi gula dan garam yah, aku pun mbak. Wah ayo mbak semangat belajar at musik ama kuliahnya, kalau aku cm kuliah coursera aja biar otak jalan terus 😬


  2. More consistent in my yoga and sport, more blogging,more reading books than surfing the internet for nothing and in the end will make me stress because everybody is so perfect and so skinny and so rich :), less shopping, less berteman dengan orang2 yang hanya membawa negative vibes dan yang so shallow and no brain (sorry but there are a lots of that type here, in Indonesia community) and more grateful for what I have. xx


    • So true mbak. Reading books lebih bermanfaat drpd surfing the internet for nothing ya (I do this too hehe). Saya juga setuju ttg teman yg membawa negative vibes, krn walau mereka yg negatif seakan kita juga terpengaruhi ya. Let’s make this year more positive 💪🏼


  3. Mirip-mirip sih mbak Gi, terutaman yang less complain.. Mau lebih banyak bersyukur dengan semua yang Tuhan berikan. Belajar bersyukur.

    This year I wish bisa lebih dekat dengan orang mak di kampung. Disaat mereka tua, aku mau dekat dengan mereka. Hidup jauh begini nggak enak.

    Take care ya mbak Gi 🙂


  4. More blogging! – this is on my year every year but turns out to be a massive fail every year.
    Draw More – same as above
    Read More – last year was certainly better than the previous year. Whoop!
    Play my ukulele more – same as above.
    AND travel more than last year!
    Good luck to all of us yeah gy!


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