An Article of Clothing I’m Deeply Attached To

{Day 3} Tell about an article of clothing you’re deeply attached to.

This is a tough one because I rarely get attached to any piece of clothing in particular. I do tend to wear the same thing over and over again when it is super comfortable, but I don’t really have any emotional attachment towards them.

Anyway, I can think of two piece of items that really mean to me.

ONE is a tie in which I used to wear during my high school years. I really treasure my early teenage years in England and I remember how I used to love waking up in the morning to go to school, despite the one hour bus ride I have to take every day. The uniform I wore was quite formal, a white buttoned shirt with a tie paired with a navy jumper and a navy pair of trousers/skirt. During the summer, we were allowed to wear a polo shirt instead of the tie and jumper. I still have this tie kept safely in my wardrobe.

See the tie? A school picture from forever ago!

TWO is a simple t-shirt that was given to everyone at my masters’ orientation. Everyone got it. It’s just a simple white t-shirt with the logo of our masters. Now the logo is kinda fading but I don’t think I’ll ever throw it out as it reminds me of the hard work I did to get a scholarship for this masters and all my struggles during this period.


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