Favourite Childhood Memory

{Day 4} What’s your favourite childhood memory?

I actually have a lot! But I’ll just give you one.

I was a very naughty child, I remember my mum would roll her eyes or shake her head whenever I made yet another havoc. My sister is a lot calmer and quieter than me so when we were kids it was me who was always giving her the bad influence haha.

Anyway I remember when I was in kindergarten (TK), I had a best buddy called L. We were always together (even until this day we are still in contact, I found out later on that we are actually distant cousins!) and break time was our favourite time.

My school had a large area of playground. One was at the front with a small garden and a guava tree (in which I climbed once and got told off by the teacher, my mum had to be called in LOL). They also had a huge playground at the back. I remember that it had just finished being renovated so we had this big slide.

And you know kids with new and shiny things. The slide had like a box at the top where the children could stand there while waiting for their turn. I was having so much fun with this new slide that when the bell rang, a sign that the break had ended, I told L that we should just stay here in our “fortress”. L is a lot quieter than me, like my sister, so she just agreed.

We crouched down until all the kids went back inside the classroom. I told her to be quiet because we didn’t want the teachers to find out.

Me and my sister when we were little xD

Of course minutes later our teachers came looking for us, calling our names! Even then I told L to be really quiet hahaha. The teachers finally spotted us. My teachers were really kind, they let L go (because they know I was the influence haha) and told me that what I did was wrong. They didn’t shout at me but just told me gently that skipping a class was not a good behaviour.

I was very very young and yet I still remember this story. I don’t know why but I really like this story 😂 I can’t really remember any other stories from my kindergarten. I don’t know if it is because of this event, but I rarely skip a class, I’d feel too guilty LOL.


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