The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

{Day 8} Describe “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” of yourself


Hmm, the good. I find it hard to talk about my good side, mostly because I think it’s not really my place to say hahaha. Is that weird?

Well, anyway, not boasting or anything, simply doing the challenge, but I think I am a hardworker. Well, this can be a good or a bad thing but mostly I think it’s good. I don’t give up easily and also, I am very nice to people generally but when they do something off putting, I usually walk away.


I am 90% a perfectionist and when things don’t go the way I want or plan, I usually get in a bad mood. Currently trying to fix this, because nothing is perfect in the world hah!

Also hangry is real for me. Never ever travel with me when I’m hungry or I’ll just be a really bad company. My travelling buddy during my masters was this sweet girl who often asked, “Aggy are you hungry?” from time to time when we travelled, because I get agitated easily when I’m hungry. Woops, sorry!

Food, please! (Picture from here)


Also still trying to improve, I hold grudges. Eurgh, I guess this is the ugliest side of me. I really don’t want to hold grudges but it seems that I do it unconsciously.

What’s the good, bad and ugly side of you?


12 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

  1. The good is that I’m very loyal to friends once we get to know each other very well. The bad, I have a very short fuse and have very little patience for someone who can’t see things as quick as I do, and the ugly is that I have also held grudges. I still won’t talk to the girl that took over my desk (when I was working as a journalist many years ago) while I was on vacation and messed up the whole system and my desk. Nope, she wouldn’t apologise first, so I would not either. This combined with my good side is no good at all, because I could hold grudges practically forever to those who I had been loyal before.

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    • Hahaha yeah, I so get it with the grudges, sometimes I forgive but still remember what they did oops. I also used to have little patience but ever since I got sick I have more patience hahaha

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  2. Hahaha aku ngakak yg nomer dua. Jadi keingat Suami kalau kami jalan2, dikit2 pasti nanya “lapar ga?” “Kalo lapar bilang ya.” Karena dia tahu kalau istrinya lapar bisa jadi kayak setan 😅

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