The Best Day of My Life

{Day 9} Describe the best day of your life to date.

Well this is really hard because I am blessed enough to have experienced several best days of my life, but I really don’t want to bore you with my long stories.

However though, one of the best days of my young adult life was the day that I flew from Indonesia to France by myself to take my masters degree. It was an important point of my life because I had tried so hard to get a scholarship to study abroad. I failed several times, got disappointed over and over again, then finally succeeded.

I was relieved to have finally received my scholarship but I was also a little scared because it was my first time ever to travel and live abroad by myself.

The airport in Lyon – so pretty!
I remember sitting on the plane, feeling really sad to leave my family and also freaking out about what I would do once I landed in Lyon. I was scared that things wouldn’t go according to plan (it didn’t haha!) and I was constantly thinking “what if…what if…what if….”


The day I landed in Lyon, it was a little chaotic. There were some changes in the train and tram route but I finally made it into my hostel. When I was there, I went to my room, sat down and started crying because I was so overwhelmed to have arrived safely in France, but at the same time I felt so far away from my family. After a while, I wiped away my tears and motivated myself to be brave and enjoy this new experience.

Touch down in my hostel
I’ll never forget that day!


8 thoughts on “The Best Day of My Life

  1. I travelled with several other friends on my departure day to the Netherlands for my Master’s study, so that helped, I guess.

    Did they make you stay in hostels at first? At TU Delft, they offered a help in providing accommodation for international students. It was more expensive that the average renting price, but it was a great help for people from abroad!!


    • Yea we all had our own arrival dates, I stayed at a hostel in Lyon because Erasmus Mundus courses are in different cities, mine was in Nantes but our main university was Lyon so we all did an orientation week in Lyon hence the hostel. Once I got to Nantes, they had already arranged a dorm for us, which was super cheap 190€/mo 😬😬


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