My Most Embarrassing Moment

Day {10} What’s your most embarrassing moment?

Guess what? Just like I have several best days in my life, I also have many embarrassing moments.

Currently making a list in my mind and dear me, I do a lot of silly things.

OK well here goes nothing.

One time I was walking alone in the middle of snowy Bucharest from my dorm to my faculty. I took the back route and so I first had to climb this hill. It was snowing and absolutely freezing. And you know how sometimes there is this icy surface on the ground that makes it super hard to walk. Well, yea, the ground was like that.

So I walked super slowly, slipping a couple of times but no one was watching and I finally made it to this hill behind my faculty. There was this stairs that I had to take and guess what? It was literally covered in ice and I could not walk without slipping.

So I held on to the rail next to it, and even by holding the rail I was slipping all over the place. Just as I was in this weird position of holding the rail while my legs were twisted at an odd angle with this horrified look painted on my face, this really cute guy walked casually passed me (where did he come from?!?!) like the ground is totally fine and I was the one who looked like an idiot. I was SO embarrassed because when he went passed me, I just froze in that weird angle, but at the same time trying to look cool. Yeah, I looked pretty ridiculous haha!

This does not only happen in cartoons you guys, this is real life xD (GIF from here)

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