The One Thing I Would Never Change About Myself

{Day 11} What’s one thing that you would never change about myself?

I used to think that my flaws make me less of a person, but now I embrace them because we are all imperfect and everyone has flaws. Trying to cover them up is a tiring and endless effort, therefore I choose to embrace it. Besides, what is flaws to us may show an entirely different thing to the eyes of others.

So, I don’t think I want to change anything about myself (except the bad and ugly stuff of course). However if there was one thing it would be my ability to adapt to any kind of environments.

I think it has to do with the way my parents raised me. We were always moving around and we had to adapt to new surroundings each time we were in a new place. I have lived in several very different environments, be it a new country or a new city or a new neighbourhood.

For me adapting quickly means sampling the local’s way of life, eating their local food and understanding their every day behaviour, culture and traditions. I think as person these experiences enrich me and it makes me feel like I have tasted things that are outside my comfort zone.

Definitely adapted well in Zurich!

Adapting quickly also means that I sometimes get too carried away, for example with accents. I adapt so quickly to local accents that sometimes when I am at a certain place I would have an accent from that place. I do this in Singapore/Malaysia, for instance, and though my Singlish is awful but it’s still nice to talk like the locals haha! Is anyone else like me? 😀

“Adapting” to Romanian cuisines 😀

2 thoughts on “The One Thing I Would Never Change About Myself

  1. Aku juga berasal dari keluarga yang ‘rajin pindah-pindah’ mbak. Kalau dihitung-hitung mungkin lebih dari 11 kali deh sepanjang hidup. Waktu masih kecil, sebagai anak-anak sih kayanya aku selalu happy-happy aja kalau pindahan. Soalnya bakal kenal teman baru, lingkungan baru dsb. Dan seingatku juga, sebagai anak-anak rasanya dulu mudah banget beradaptasinya. Terutama masalah bahasa, gak nyampe 3 bulanan udah bisa ngobrol pakai bahasa dan logat lokal. Dan memang rasanya menyenangkan bisa ngobrol dengan ‘gaya lokal’.

    Sekarang agak terbawa kalau misalnya traveling. Terutama kalau waktunya agak lama. Kadang suka ngeri sendiri juga sih. Soalnya keingetan pas balik dari India, kadang masih suka goyang-goyang kepala kalau merespon sesuatu 😀


    • Iyaaa bener banget! Seru banget ya pindah-pindah tempat alhasil banyak teman dimana-mana. Aku juga kalau ngobrol sama temanku orang India suka geleng-geleng kepala sendiri hahaha padahal aku blm pernah ke India cuma punya banyak temen dr India saja haha. Aksen mereka sungguh menular yaaa, asik bener deh hihihi


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