The Best Compliment

Day {15} What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

Recently, people have been telling me that I am strong and that I don’t give up easily. And it’s funny because when I hear them say that, I’m like “Me strong? Me not giving up easily?! That’s a laugh, they should see me when I’m on the floor, crying, cursing, and wanting to give up!”.

But then I think again, maybe being strong and not giving up easily is not about putting on a brave face and never crying or never getting mad. It’s about perseverance isn’t it?

So yes, I’ll take the compliments and it will be my booster. Thank you guys for always making me feel brave and strong throughout my cancer journey.

And finally, this 15 day challenge is complete! I hope you got to know more about me, I certainly got to know you more. And also thanks to Mbak Yoyen who introduced us to this fun challenge!


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