Cancer Talk #29: Sometimes

Sometimes I feel

Misunderstood, disconnected

People tell me they understand me

But really they don’t


Sometimes I feel

Like the world is going to crumble

Like it’s caving on me real fast

And I am stuck there, crouching, waiting for help


Sometimes I feel

Like my problems are too trivial for others

Other times my problems are too overwhelming for them

In both cases, the response is an emoji or two


Sometimes I feel

So alone

Where are the people that called themselves best friends?

Maybe that’s why they’re called best friends, because they are only there during the best of times


Sometimes I feel

Like I can’t do it anymore

I’ve had enough

I want to give up


Sometimes I feel


Very sad

Extremely sad

And I just don’t know why


I’m glad though, that it’s only a sometimes

And not an always.


2 thoughts on “Cancer Talk #29: Sometimes

  1. It’s ok to be sad, Aggy. I think it’s healthy to give ourselves some time and space to feel sad in order to feel better again. Sending virtual hugs and thoughts your way!


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