Foodie Talk: Favourite Noodles of Petaling Jaya

It’s been a while since I posted here, really am trying to be a better blogger LOL but I am failing miserably (obviously).

Anyway, this time I’m gonna be writing about food, everyone’s favourite topic.

I have a little confession with you, I am a little tired of “Malaysian food”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that the food in Malaysia is bad, it is not. I’ve written plenty about my favourite cuisines in Penang, Melaka and Kuala Lumpur, but it’s just ever since my treatments in Malaysia, I associate Malaysia with hospital visits. As I used to stay for a long period of time in Malaysia for my hospital visits, having the same kind of food over and over again really made me frustrated. I missed Indonesian food and I just grew tired of nasi lemak and friends.

My hospital is in Subang Jaya, so it is in the Petaling Jaya area. A few months ago when I was back for my monthly check up, every time my dad asked the dreaded question “What should we eat for lunch/dinner?”, I was stressed out. As we were staying at an Airbnb where the host specifically asked us to only use the stove for light cooking, we could not cook meals. I hate having to answer that question because most of the stalls around the area we were staying didn’t have any inviting meals, mostly where hawker stalls with average (and very oily) taste. And so we usually opted to go the nearest mall and pick whatever looked good there but we would leave feeling unsatisfied.

Then a few days later a group of friends took us out for lunch. They said they were going to take us for “Malaysian noodles”. I was very pessimistic, most of the noodles I tasted in the area really didn’t suit my taste. I am extremely fussy when it comes to noodles, and I know I am being really biased here but the ones I find in Indonesia is really good and kinda hard to beat anywhere else (please don’t hate me :P).

Anyway, I went with them anyway, whispering to my mum that maybe we should just split a bowl because I don’t think I’d finish one by myself. When we got to Jojo’s Little Kitchen however, I was charmed by the buzz of the little stall. The noodle stall specializes in pan mee, the owner is originally from Sabah. Because everyone was so excited to recommend us the noodles here, I decided to order a bowl of noodles for myself. My friends recommended me the Fried Pork Dry Pan Mee with thick noodles.

I really had zero expectation. I didn’t think I would like it.

When my order arrived, in front of me was a bowl of thick noodles with thinly sliced pork, ikan belibis and some veggies. OK, I was rather impressed because it smelled delicious. Then I was told to mix my noodles because the seasonings were at the bottom. And I did.

Then I took a bite and off I went to noodle heaven.

Seriously, it was SO AMAZING! I have not tasted noodles this tasty in Malaysia, like ever (or maybe I just didn’t know…!). Where have I been all this time? (I dunno, like, the hospital?!).

I really like the pork slices (even though I don’t usually like/eat pork, I was surprised I liked it so much), I gave the ikan belibis to my mum because I was afraid I would get allergy, but the sauces were top notch. It even has a hint of sweetness in it and you know people from Jogja like me cannot resist a touch of sweetness in their food 😉

My friends also ordered some wantons, which were DEEELICIOUS. I also really like the grassjelly drink I had there, was not sweet and really complimented my dish.

I was sooo happy when my friends told me there were other branches of this stall in Petaling Jaya. I immediately searched for it and found one near my hospital. WIN!

On the way home, one of my friends told me that Jojo’s Little Kitchen has a competitor called Face to Face. They also specialize in pan mee but they have a more savoury flavour. WHAAAAT?

I googled and voila, they also have a branch near my hospital (in fact, the two noodle houses are only a few metres away from each other in the same shophouse complex!!)

So after my treatment the following day, I made my way to Face to Face. I tried to order the same kind of pan mee but they didn’t have the same exact one. I decided to order the House Speciality Dry Pan Mee with minced pork. The dish also came with these small fried bakso and also ikan belibis (seems to be the thing with pan mee).

It was delicious I tell you! I’ve never been so happy to found not just one, but TWO amazing noodle houses in Petaling Jaya. The taste at Face to Face is sightly more savoury. My mum ordered a bowl of spicy pork meat balls and they were bursting with flavours. So I guess both places are a win!

The discovery of these two places, though as simple as it is, really got my appetite back as I would loose my appetite as soon as I arrive there. And besides, a DELICIOUS bowl of noodles really can lift anyone’s spirit up!

Have you been to Petaling Jaya and have a recommendation? Let me know!!

P.S. You should really try these two places! 😀


10 thoughts on “Foodie Talk: Favourite Noodles of Petaling Jaya

  1. Hi myburumpi…. saya sampe sini karena dari blok walking.. terus saya dah follow lumayan lama.. btw saya memang tinggal di KL.
    Jojo pan mie kesukaan suami saya (yang hot n spicy dry ato malat dry)
    Beberapa rekomendasi saya lain nya:
    – toast n roast : mie haka + casiu nya enak, casiu nya salah satu yg terbaik di KL.. meleleh boo..
    – shin kee beef noodle: daerah pasar seni
    – peter pork noodle: daerah kl sentral
    – win soon fish noodle.

    let me know if you need any info abt KL.. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kalo di tilik dari sejarahnya pan mee.. Jojo pan mee itu yg fushion alias dah di modernisasi (ciyeilah ahha). kl mo coba pan mee yang original -> Kin Kin Pan Mee, enak juga sihhh..
    Dan kalo suka bakso yang ada isi yang juicy juicy gitu.. coba ke Goo noodle… hahaha laper dah gw..


    • Oooh gitu yaaah. Aku baru coba yang jojo ama facetoface itu dan menurutku itu emang plg menyerupai mie ayam di Indonesia hihihi. Wuaa bakso, okeee terima kasih buanyak. Jadi laper juga nih hehe


  3. OMG! I just came back from a week vacation in Mexico. Although the tacos and all the food were amazing, I can’t deny that I’ve been craving noodles. Definitely it will be noodles for dinner! If you are what you eat, then I am noodles 😀
    Glad that you finally found your way back to noodle groove in KL :*


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