Cancer Talk #31: An Update


I haven’t written here on Cancer Talk for quite a while.

First of all I’d like to thank everyone who gave me good wishes on my transplant. The first few months of 2017 were dedicated to recovering from my transplant. I recovered well and then around March (or April – I cannot remember), I did my scan and the result…well, it was disappointing. While most of the tumours have disappeared, there were still a few left. To my doctor, the transplant was not a total failure. However, he was concerned of the few remaining and so he told me to do radiation, which I did obediently. He had a few options for me to do after the radiation. One was yet another transplant, which I flatly refused because it was too much of a risk and the success rate was not that high (in which my doctor agreed). Secondly, he told me of a new drug called Pembrolizumab.

This drug has been used to treat skin cancer but now can be used for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. My doctor told me of this drug and asked if I’d prefer it over another transplant. After consideration, I decided to give it a try.

This drug is given through infusion. Each infusion lasts 2-3 hours. The effects of this drug is not like chemo, it is basically an antibody infusion which uses my immune system to destroy the cancer cells. I don’t want to go into details as you can Google this drug yourself if you want to know more, but using this drug means I won’t be as weak as I was when I did chemo. I still have to be very careful and mind my surroundings but I can actually be active and do things.

Of course there is no such thing as no side effects, in the first few infusions I had migraines and felt sick but only for a few days (I still do sometimes) but I felt fit enough to be active. I had to have this infusion once every month.

The infusion is not so bad

After six infusions, my doctor decided that my body is responding well to this new drug but I need to have more infusions. It was advised to have 10-12 infusions for it to work effectively while I only had six so far. And so last December my doctor decided to add six more but now I get to have it once every two months.

This is not entirely good news, I know that, but at least this treatment is better than chemo by miles. I can go out (still with a masker though), I can do something, I get to have HAIR! Last year I felt alive and amazing, it has been a while since I felt this way. So while it is not perfect, it is not so bad either. I am thankful that my body is responding well to this drug.

In Singapore visiting my sister with my mum and friend – and look! HAIR!

So this year, my treatment continues but I don’t want to dwell in that. I am lucky, I really am. I have the greatest friends when I go to Malaysia. They let me stay at their place which makes my bi-monthly visit to Malaysia more bearable. I make plans when it’s time to go to Malaysia, like go to an art store or try a new cafe. I try not to make it a burden. For 2-3 hours I lay in the hospital’s day care facility to get my “superhero” infusion and I get to go home the next day. It is in a way, a great joy for me to be home the next day as opposed to chemo where I had to stay in Malaysia for at least a week after chemo.

One of my dearest friends in KL

So, that’s my update. Sometimes it’s hard for me to sit down and talk about my treatments but I really do want to share my experience with you so I’ll try to write more in Cancer Talk this year.

Just out of curiosity, do you guys have any questions regarding my treatment(s)? I’d like to know those questions and try to answer them on my next Cancer Talk post.


18 thoughts on “Cancer Talk #31: An Update

  1. Aggy, so glad to know your body responds well to this new drug. Wishing you a smooth recovery. I’m constantly in awe of your courage and positive outlook on life (not to mention your SKILLS!). You’ve got this, Gy! 🙂


    • Thanks Dixie, sometimes I don’t feel strong at all and feel that my body won’t cooperate. In times like this I remember what my body has gone through and despite all that I am still standing here…and so I tell myself to have more self-love 😅 Thanks for your kind words always!


  2. Hey aggy, i came across your profile yesterday ( i haven’t been active much ). I really admire your fighting spirit and to do that with a smile on your face makes me respect you even more. I also read your more recent posts, and i was very happy to know that you’ve started swimming. I was a bit curious abouy your medications. Did you switch from chemo to hormonal medications?
    Lots of love and positivity


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