Spending a Day at library@orchard

Last year in December my dad and I did a quick trip to Singapore. My sister was moving to a new place and she was moving the day after I did my bi-monthly infusion in Malaysia. So we thought we’d drop by to help her out.

(I didn’t exactly help her out in the end as I was down with a really bad migraine. Woopsy. I gave her my moral support though :D)

We had a day spare and we decided to spend it at library@orchard. I already went once with my mum but it was too short of a trip. This time I wanted to spend more time and read more books. My dad was excited too as he had never been here before.

It started to shower when we got there, so we were happy to be inside this awesome library. This is a public library and it is located inside Orchard Gateway. Apparently it is a boutique library meant to attract young adults.

I wanted to be unsure, because who builds a library inside a mall, in Orchard Road no less. Then I reminded myself that I was in Singapore and that things like this are probably thought out very carefully. So as soon as I arrived to the library, I was quite stunned.

Fiction section

library@orchard stole my heart immediately. It’s clean, spacious and very modern. I was greeted by a wall of different kinds of magazine. Later on I found out that this is in fact the Magazine Wall where you are able to find all kinds of magazine. The first floor of the library is dedicated to fiction books. There is also an area where people can use their laptops to work and read. I love how the shelves are artistically placed, there is even a circular sitting area in the middle of the shelves on the left. When I saw it, I thought it resembled an amphitheatre. This floor is called The Studio.

Since I didn’t feel like reading any fiction books at that time, I headed upstairs. Many people took their time going upstairs, including myself, as we admired the view of The Studio from above. It was quite a sight.

The Studio from above

On the library’s second floor, I marvelled at the incredible displays of books. This level is called The Loft and I found several shelves highlighting some featured books. There are four of these special shelves and they are called Book Trees. Each Book Tree highlights a particular collection namely People, Space, Product and Visual Design. I was really intrigued by the different books on display. The last time I was at this library I managed to jot down several recipes from one of the books in the People Book Tree!

This time though I went to the rows of shelves by the People section where I could find some poetry books. The use of space in this library is quite amazing. Every nook and cranny is used very efficiently. I even found single chairs connected to some of the shelves. The chair is round and covered with a sort of wall closing half way around it so that the people sitting there would have some privacy. Apart from that, there were some boxes with two chairs facing each other along the glass window that overlooks The Studio below. I wanted to sit there because it’s quite private and the view below is quite amazing, however I could never secure a place there since it’s always filled with people. Most of them reading, some are sleeping!

See the brown thing looking like a bowl next to Visual section? That’s one of the chairs!

I finally found some poetry books that caught my attention, including Chasers of the Light by Tyler Knott Gregson. I also found some amazing books by Maya Angelou. I found an empty seat besides a window that overlooks Orchard Road. It was so quiet and peaceful, quite the opposite of what was going on outside I presume. I devoured the books immediately, forgetting my surrounding.

One of the books I picked up

After some time, my stomach grumbled as if complaining. I looked over to my dad who was also lost in the book he chose. We decided we would go for lunch downstairs. I realised that this was one of the positives of having a library in a mall. You really don’t need to go far to get food! After lunch, we went back and read some more.

It was a shame I couldn’t bring some of those books home! I saw that the borrowing system looked modern and easy to use. I remember my times going to the public library in Leeds and everything was done manually (mind you it was the 90s!). Here you can do self check-out. I wish I have a library like this in Yogyakarta!

Hmm..what to read?

I have yet to go to other libraries in Singapore. If you have been to other interesting libraries in Singapore, let me know on the comment section below as I really want to explore them too! Have you been to this library?


8 thoughts on “Spending a Day at library@orchard

  1. Giiik, tadinya aku dan Fred juga suka banget ke library@orchard.
    Terus, keajaiban datang….

    Kami kan numpang yah di tempat dd nya Fred, di Bedok.
    Terus di sana ada library baru. Cobain deh.
    Eh ternyata nyaman bangetttt, jauh lebih nyaman daripada di orchard!
    Tempat duduknya banyak, dan luassss. Plus, lebih terang warna nya putih-putih terang bersih gitu lho.
    Aduh pokoknya laff banget lah!

    Tapi, ga tau jauh ga dari tmp adikmu he he he


    • Iyaaa gw pas lihat di IG lo dan gw tertarik abis! Bakalan gw samperin deh kalau di SG lagi. Kayaknya kalau ke Bedok sih lebih deket daripada kudu ke Orchard wkwkw. Aaahh senang yaaa perpustakaan bagus2 di Singapore!


    • Graphic novel gw kurang tahu ya. Kayaknya di bagian novel ada deh. Iyaaa boleh siapa aja bebas masuk dan baca cuma kalau mau pinjam harus jd anggota. Baca seharian atau laptopan seharian juga boleeehhh hihi. Asik kan!


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