Indonesian Breakfasts You Should Try at Least Once in a Lifetime

This post was originally written for my old travel blog Dream Explore Wander on 29 March 2017.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day they say. It is also a great time to try new food. Try getting up early when you travel and discover what the locals are having to start the day.

These are some of my favourite breakfasts in Indonesia, I hope you can give it a try when you come here.


Gudeg is Yogyakarta’s pride and joy. There are probably hundredsof gudeg stalls here. From the famous ones to the small ones. Gudeg itself is young jackfruit cooked in coconut sugar, simmered slowly until it is soft.

A gudeg stall in Yogyakarta

There are many side dishes that comes with it including chicken cooked in coconut milk broth, spicy krecek (made from cow’s skin), tofu, tempe and areh (mostly made out of coconut milk and usually poured over the chicken). Gudeg and its condiments are usually served with white rice or bubur (porridge).


Soto is my favourite breakfast dish as it is refreshing and delicious. It is rice served with a generous pour of chicken broth with shredded chicken, bean sprouts and sometimes vermicelli depending on what kind of soto you eat. There are different kinds of soto in Indonesia, each region has their own unique twist. The ones I usually eat are made of chicken but you can also find beef soto.

Soto and its many side dishes

Usually at a soto stall, you’ll find side dishes such as perkedel (potato fritter), mendoan (tempe), sate telur puyuh (quail eggs satay) and many more. You can add sambal and sweet soy sauce if you want to add more flavours to your soto.

Lontong Opor

Lontong opor is a dish made out of lontong or rice cakes (diced in small pieces) poured with opor. Opor itself is made from coconut milk and other condiments like candlenut, turmeric, coriander cooked together with chicken until tender. The result is this thick, yellowish colour broth. There are different kinds of lontong opor, the one I really like is lontong opor cap go meh which is the peranakan version. It is served with sayur labu siam (chayote in chilli broth), egg and a generous sprinkle of soya powder. It is amazing!

Delicious lontong opor cap go meh

Sop Senerek

Sop senerek is soup with red beans, carrots, spinach and bits of beef. The soup is clear and is served with rice on the side or mixed if you prefer. I love having this savoury soup for breakfast, especially after a swim!

Sop senerek

Bubur Ayam

Rice congee is an AMAZING breakfast! Like many of the dishes above, there are many versions of bubur ayam. The peranakan one has no broth, usually served with cakwe (youtiao/chinese doughnut) cut into small pieces other condiments. The congee is white with chicken in it. The other version I like is bubur ayam Jakarta with a yellow soto-like broth with fried soya beans and fried shallots. There are also other congee in Indonesia like the one from Manado, which is quite different from the two I mentioned. If you like congee, each version is definitely worth a try as they are unique and quite different from one another.

Pisang Goreng

Banana fritter is my express breakfast when I don’t feel like eating anything heavy. Another version of banana breakfast is light grilled banana. Make sure your banana is sweet as it will enhance the flavour when cooked.

Sometimes pisang goreng (and warm tea) is enough

Nasi Kuning

Yellow rice is a rice dish made of rice in coconut milk and turmeric hence the yellow colour. If you want something a little heavy this is the perfect breakfast dish. It is usually served with potato fritter, beef floss, egg, kering kentang (sweet, crisp, thinly sliced potato with peanuts) and also sambal.

Don’t worry if you miss these dishes for breakfast, you can always have them as lunch 😉

Have you ever tried any of them?

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14 thoughts on “Indonesian Breakfasts You Should Try at Least Once in a Lifetime

  1. Baca postingan ini pas bangun tidur adalah kesalahan fatal. Langsung pengen sarapan soto di trotoar 😅tapi kan cuma halusinasi jadinya. Aku pas di Indonesia ga doyan lho sama gudeg, eh pas sudah di sini jadi doyan banget. Jadi pengen makan lontong cap gomeh Gy. Dulu selalu nungguin hantaran dari tetangga. Trus makannya rebutan sama adik2ku soalnya dianterin dua piring buat bertiga hahaha.


    • Hahahahah duh maaf ya mbak 😛
      Iya aku dulu juga ga gitu suka gudeg tapi entah kenapa sekarang lumayan suka walaupun gak banget2. Di Jogja cuma suka dua tempat gudeg yang menurutku gak terlalu manis hehe. Kalau lontong cap gomeh itu emang enak bangeettt, sayang di Jogja belum nemu yang pas huhu


    • Yea gudeg is always sweet. There are only two gudeg places that I like in Jogja (sweet but not overly sweet). As for soto, can never say no to it 😀


  2. Glegg. I’m drooling to the max. I’d add serabi and bubur kacang ijo + ketan hitam to this breakfast mix for the sweet tooth out there 🙂


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