Foodie Talk: Where to Get Great Coffee in Yogyakarta

On this post my focus is on Great Coffee. I should emphasise this because in Yogyakarta (or maybe Indonesia?) there are MANY cafes who claim to serve great coffee but what they are actually selling is an instagrammable place. I love Instagram, I have nothing against it. If a place is instagrammable, that’s a plus for me but when you dedicate a coffee shop ONLY for that particular aspect (instead of the coffee part), it really drives me insane.

So let’s forget the instagrammable part and focus on the real deal: great coffee. I am not a coffee expert but I do like a good cup of coffee. Strong flavours, not runny, preferably with good bites.

Here are some coffee shops that I really like in Yogyakarta. Perhaps they are not the most instagrammable but I totally recommend it for its taste.


There are several branches of Couvee in Yogyakarta. I heard they first became popular for their takeaway iced coffee (by Go-JEK). Their specialisation is iced coffee but here’s a confession, I have never tried their iced coffee because I’m pretty sensitive with cold drinks so I take their coffee hot. I love their house blend coffee for its richness and flavour. My absolute recommendation is their Melacca, which is coffee with palm sugar. People love their Kahlua too. The bitterness of the coffee compliments well with the rich sweetness of palm sugar. My go-to Couvee is the one at Jl. R.W. Monginsidi No.17. The space shares with two other business, a car showroom and a barbershop.

There are other drinks too like Red Velvet and Hot Chocolate – both I found way to sweet so I am team coffee here.

So far there are two branches of Couvee. The first one at Jl. Kaliurang KM 5.2 looks really small (I’ve never been). The branch that I go to doesn’t even look like a cafe but it does have wifi and seatings. If you’re into iced coffee, I definitely recommend for you to order via Go-JEK.

Price Range: 22,000 – 30,000IDR


Tanamera is quite pricey for Yogyakarta but I guess I can understand since it is situated  right in the centre, where Tugu is located so their rent must be really expensive. The cafe is quite big, a little too dark for my taste. They told me that their cold brew is their speciality. Since I didn’t want a cold drink, I opted for the cappuccino.

I fell in love with their coffee from the first sip. It was really good! The cappuccino had this deep, bitter taste with just the right amount of milk. I really savoured each sip since it was quite pricey haha! Tanamera has several branches in Indonesia and they have their own beans that you can purchase. I have only been here once but with such good coffee I will definitely be returning!

Price Range: 30,000 – 60,000IDR


I have written about Melcosh before. Melcosh is located at Jl. Kaliurang KM 22, around 45-60 minutes by car from the city centre. It is quite far isn’t it? But totally worth it. They have their own coffee beans, both robusta and arabica. Ask the staff of the ones available and they will tell you the characteristics. Not only do they have a selection of beans, they offer different methods of brewing from French Press to Siphon, you can choose whichever you prefer. I’m really into their specialty Merapi/Menoreh beans and also their flat white. You can buy their beans so you can brew at home.

Bags of coffee beans

Melcosh offers heavy food like fried rice, noodles and also bites like grilled banana. I am not the biggest fan of their snacks, I find their food selection to be pretty weird and random (from dim sum to hot dog to tenderloin steak). However I came for the coffee which has proven to be good enough to make me come back multiple times. My food recommendation here is grilled jadahandmendoan.

Sometimes their grilled banana is also good

Other drinks here that I like is their Wedang Uwuh, which is a traditional blend of different spices, popular here in Yogyakarta. The location of Melcosh is high up near the Merapi mountain so the air is cooler here, definitely great when I want to escape the heat.

Price Range: 15,000 – 32,000IDR

Pulen Kopi Ponti

I have only been here once when my family was invited for a casual get together. The location is very close to Sambisari Temple, near the airport. They offer coffee from Pontianak and also a selection of simple, traditional home food. I love the big space here and also their old school, vintage decorations.

Forget mochaccino, affogato and other fancy variants of coffee. There are only three types of coffee served here: kopi saring, kopi bubuk and kopi susuYou can ask for them to serve it with ice too. I tried their kopi susu (coffee with milk, condensed milk in this case) and kopi saring (filtered coffee, without milk). Both coffee were excellent, rich in flavour and definitely made me want to order a second round.

This is great coffee that doesn’t break the bank. It reminds me of coffee in Singapore/Malaysia’s kopi tiam: strong and simple, served in an old fashioned ceramic mug.

This is both a coffee shop and a restaurant. The restaurant serves really simple home cooked Indonesian food. Not the best I’ve tasted but it’s not bad either, still worth the try. I do recommend their rawon with its really tasty broth and tender meat which is usually hard to find in Yogyakarta. I also second drinking the coffee with their banana fritters. Quite a perfect combination. Since it is only a stone’s throw away from the airport, I am definitely going to make this place a regular. A perfect place to relax after a tiring flight.

Price Range: 8,000 – 15,000IDR


I know Yogyakarta has many more great coffee places but I have not been to all of them. I am still trying to visit more to find more awesome coffee in town. If you have any suggestions (I know some of you do!) let me know on the comment section 😀


12 thoughts on “Foodie Talk: Where to Get Great Coffee in Yogyakarta

  1. Pengen sih ngopi” cantik kek gini sama istri tapi ya anak” gak bisa ditinggal
    Yah mungkin 15 taun lagi pas mereka udah gede” kali ya


      • Bukan masalah itunyaa
        Tapi ngopi” cantiknya itu lho
        Anak” saya mah masih kecil dan kalo makan hadeuh masih berantakan euy
        Jadi gak cantik dong


  2. Tanamera udah nyampe Jogja ya rupanya Gy… dia salah satu pionir tempat ngopi di Jakarta kan. Tapi sayangnya menurutku kopinya Tanamera terlalu asem, aku sukanya yang lebih smooth dan lebih berasa susunya hehehe #latteforever 😛


    • Iyaaa Christa udah sampai! Harganya lumayan sih kalau untuk Jogja semoga bertahan hehe. Kalau aku memang suka yg susunya dikit jadi pas banget di lidah 😆 seneng deh banyak kedai kopi di Jogja!


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