A Glorious Morning at Sukorame Rice Field

It was the morning of my dad’s birthday. We set off at 6AM to go to Sukorame Rice Field (Sawah Sukorame). This rice field had been on my radar for quite a while and after much searching, I found the place to be doable for my physic. So off we went.

There are many things I love about rice fields. The colour, miles and miles of fresh green. The calm, meditative atmosphere. The sound of birds chirping like no one’s business. The silent wind that makes the scarecrows dance. This is the many reasons why I will never get tired of them, even when I see it every day.

The road to Sukorame was smooth, no traffic, only a few cars. The air was still rather cool and as we grew closer to the place, I turned on my Google Maps just so that I didn’t miss it.

We finally found the rice field, there was a narrow street that would take us to the car park. The street was enough only for one car, thank goodness there weren’t many people yet. As we parked our car, we were greeted by a man in the car park who pointed to a small ticket counter.

Sukorame Rice Field is basically, well, a rice field. What makes it special is that we can “enter” the field by walking on a bamboo bridge surrounding the field. The ticket to enter this bridge is only 2500 IDR and it is the same both for local and foreigner. The bridge is still relatively new and it is about 300 metres long.

I really took my time walking on this bridge. I admired the greens in front of me and behind me. I could see some of the rice ready to be harvested and birds chirping here and there. Everything was so peaceful and quite. The clear blue sky complimented well with the lush green of the rice field. It was just perfect.

I stopped at the viewing post where you can climb to its second floor and see a better view of the rice field from above. There was a sign there saying that this bamboo bridge was a result of KKN (community service done by university students, typically done near the end of their study). I was really impressed by what these students had done!

After we finished the walk around the bridge, we took time to talk to the people there. They were friendly people, locals who own the rice field. We talked about how creative this was. One of the men explained that this rice field is owned by several people in the nearby village. The bridge was done by the KKN students with the hope to boost tourism in their village. Not only does this bridge provide extra income to the village, the people there are also given monthly training on managing tourism in their area.

I love that this place takes you to the centre of the field. I could see the rice field up close and interact with the people who own the field, sometimes you could even see those people harvesting and doing works on the field. Sure I see rice fields almost every day but to take time to stop and appreciate it is a different matter. I’m glad I did that here at Sawah Sukorame.

This place awed me so much that the next week I took my friend here too. I was greeted by the same men and we had such a lovely chat (again). I also met some women who were there to do their daily chores in the rice field, they took their time to stop and greet me. How lovely! One of the men in charge was also telling me how they are in the process of restoring one of the natural caves near the rice field that was clogged by rocks during the earthquake. They hope to restore the cave and open it to the public.

That morning was easily one of the best mornings I have ever had. I was so happy to be outside enjoying this rice field. I have high hope with the tourism industry in Yogyakarta, I really hope that they give more thought and love to natural beauties of Yogyakarta such as Sukorame.



6 thoughts on “A Glorious Morning at Sukorame Rice Field

  1. sawah ini memang punya daya sihir tersendiri
    pernah pas ke ubud ada resto yang punya pemandangan ngeliat sawah
    ndilalah rame
    ternyata bule” suka ngeliat sawah


  2. Ijo royo-royo memang paling cantik kalau ketemu biru. Dua warna ini selalu jadi favoritku setiap kali traveling, dan kalau aku pikir-pikir perpaduan warna ini biasanya muncul di akhir musim hujan/awal musim kemarau. Lihat foto-fotomu mataku langsung adem.. duh kayaknya mulai penat sama Jakarta nih. 😀


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