Dreamy Thoughts at Porto’s Majestic Café

This post was originally written for my old travel blog Dream Explore Wander on 16 November 2015.

Sipping my tea at Majestic Café in Porto, Portugal, I couldn’t help but feeling dreamy. Yes this café might just be a tad bit touristy but who cares? It was definitely worth the visit.

The front door of the café was wide open the day I came letting the summer breeze entered its amazing room. At the back I could see a grand piano and someone waiting to play. Though there were a lot of people chattering around me, I was lost in my own thoughts of the elegant interior of the café.

The café first opened its business back in 1921 and was a favourite amongst the rich and famous. Being inside the café many years later, I could somehow felt being dragged into the past. This is not the sort of café I usually hang around in. I prefer the modern-looking ones, you know with cozy sofas and modern interior, but the elegance of Majestic Café attracted me so much that I didn’t mind being in this so called old fashioned place.

In fact, the hanging chandelier, wooden chairs, marble tables and all kinds of statues and artworks around the café made me feel glamorous. I felt like I should be dressed like one of those women in the movie The Great Gatsby. I could picture myself wearing one those beaded headband, a sparkly dress and high heels, my body swaying softly to the soft music coming from the grand piano. My eyes would wander around the room, spotting well known writers, artists and painters, some taking long drags from their cigarettes, others taking a bite from their plate of sweet goodness, all lost in their own dreamy thoughts.


Yes I didn’t mind at all being in this place.

The proud locals told me that J.K. Rowling spent a lot of time in this place, presumably writing one of her great books, Harry Potter. Well, it is no wonder her imagination ran wild, I would too if I got the chance to contemplate and write in such a gorgeous setting. Feeling a little nosy I looked around the café and spotted an old man sipping his coffee and jotting down something on his notes. He reminded me a little of Paulo Coelho, maybe he too was on a mission for a best seller book.

Ah, my tea was getting cold. Earth to Aggy! Oh my, Majestic Café what have you done to me?!

Get yourself lost in your own imagination and visit this stunning café when you come to Porto:

Rua Santa Catarina, 112, 4000-42, Porto


10 thoughts on “Dreamy Thoughts at Porto’s Majestic Café

  1. seneng ya liat kafe kek gini
    sama kek kafe” jalanan di pedalaman Sumatera
    di mana orang minum kopi dan ngobrol
    dan gak pegang gadget


  2. It has been really awhile since I went to Porto!! I have been looking for tickets to go there again for a short getaway, but haven’t found one with a good deal 😦 .


  3. Cafe nya bagus banget ya dalamnya. Berasa mewah gitu. Baca ini jadi makin kangen sama Portugal dan aku belum2 selesai juga nulis perjalanan ke Portugal 😅 kemaren lihat acaranya Anthony Bourdain di Portugal. Wiihh pengen ke sana lagi rasanya. Porto dan Coimbra yang mengesankan buatku. Lisabon mungkin karena rame jadinya ya lebih berkesan Porto


    • Iyaa mbak cantik banget cafenya! Aku suka banget tapi emang rame sih. Betul Lisbon rame banget walau suka aku tetap lebih suka Porto. Duh semoga kita bisa balik lagi ya mbak ke Portugal, pindah sana aja ke sana mbak yuk #ehgimana


  4. That’s such a beautiful cafe! I love old cafes, they have a certain charm and atmosphere that can make my imagination run wild. Like you, I could easily picture myself in the old days 😀

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