Cancer Talk #33: I Made It to Singapore!

This October I went to Singapore to visit my sister. Alone.

Travelling to Singapore might not be such a big deal, anyone can do it, I have even done it multiple times several years ago. However this time, it was a huge deal for me. It was the first time after being sick for so long that I managed to travel by myself.

For the past years, I have been travelling with either a friend, my parents or sister. My doctor told me that I should always be accompanied due to my panic attacks. I could be fine one minute, and be completely stressed the next causing me to feel sick and have migraines. I just felt safer when someone was there, just in case something went wrong (and in most cases something did go wrong!).

October is my sister’s birthday month and I haven’t been able to celebrate it with her properly the previous years. Considering my good health this year, I decided that it was time for me to travel by myself to Singapore. I am in process of being a more independent person, I don’t want to cling to other people forever. I have also been trying to manage my stress (it’s not easy!) with breathing exercises, yoga and also help from a therapist. I wouldn’t say that I’m completely stress-free but there are small progresses. I figured it was time I put myself out there.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I was lucky that I could get a non budget airline at a reasonable price. I was relieved that I didn’t have to hand-carry my luggage since I am still not able to lift heavy things. I made sure I had everything, including my boarding pass and passport (I held on it so tight since the last time I flew to Singapore for a transit I lost my boarding pass and I panicked).

Even though my sister did pick me up from the airport, I made it! Yes it was a really short flight but I made it! I was just so happy. Three years ago I was laying on my hospital bed, not able to walk and was thinking how on earth I could ever go travelling on my own. And here I am doing just that!

During the week in Singapore, I mostly travelled with my sister since she took days off to celebrate her birthday. Then on the weekdays when she was working, I had absentmindedly agreed to meet a friend in town for dinner. I went out on my own since my sister was still at work, took the bus, and as I sat on the top deck of the bus I realised that I was travelling to town by myself on a bus AND I was sitting on the top deck! I conquered the stairs of a moving bus (you have no idea how impossible it would have been three years ago, I couldn’t even enter a bus without the help of someone!).

I really had a great time in Singapore and not only because I got to meet my sister and my friends, but I amazed myself at the progress I’ve made.

Celebrate the little things, I say, even if it seems meaningless to others.


24 thoughts on “Cancer Talk #33: I Made It to Singapore!

  1. Well done Gy! Really happy with this progress and forever in awe with your courage. Fingers crossed everything is going well and you’ll be able to travel even farther soon 🙂


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