There is Nothing in Alessandria!

This post was originally written for my old travel blog Dream Explore Wander on 21 February 2013.

…that was what my lovely friends who were living in Alessandria for our semester of study said. While I was in Romania, they were living in Alessandria, Italy. They kept telling me that there really is nothing in Alessandria.

If you go to Milano Centrale (train station) and find platform 23 (or was it 22?), you will find a train to Alessandria every hour. Located only an hour away from Milan, Alessandria is a pretty little town in the Piedmont region of Italy (please don’t get it mixed up with Alexandria in Egypt).

As I arrived to the city, I didn’t see there was anything wrong with it. The city is lovely filled with cobbled-stones streets. I love this kind of city. My friend took me around the city and it did indeed only took several hours by foot to explore the city as it was quite small.

At night, it doesn’t have a wowza nightlife (well, I had Bucharest to compare so it was pretty high standard :P) and you can really feel that everyone knew everyone. Wherever I was, everyone seemed to greet each other as if they’ve been friends for years (they probably have!). Most of the time I was there, the city was quiet and peaceful.

After spending a week there, I understood my friends. Alessandria is a lovely little town but it wasn’t made for students. You see, my friends like to party, do lots of sports activities, go into town and shop…and Alessandria couldn’t give them that. It was understandable that after 5 months living there, they were extremely bored.

Nonetheless, I went around the city and took these pictures. I wouldn’t say there’s nothing here 😉

Piazza del Duomo

On one of my walks, I spotted this open market. They sold a lot of things from food to second hand things to brightly coloured jewellery and scarves.

And just so you know, they have a gelato bar with amazing gelato – well it’s Italy after all. Who needs ANYTHING else if there is great gelato just 10 minutes walk from your flat?!

Apart from that, Allesandria’s cemetery is one of the prettiest I have ever seen. Just look at the ceiling of this city cemetery. Amazing colours!

Cemetery in Alessandria

Would you live in Alessandria? Or is it just a “one-day-visit” kind of town for you?


4 thoughts on “There is Nothing in Alessandria!

    • That’s a good point! I love that sleepy vibe of Alessandria, it’s also not too far from Milan and Turin so definitely a great place if you wanna just hide out from the crowd!


  1. It looks like a day visit is definitely enough, haha. And the city being just one hour away from Milan, I think it is actually “okay-ish” (as in, “tolerable”) to live there for a few months, given that perhaps going to Milan for the nightlife was easy? But this is, of course, assuming night transportation service between the two is good, and exists, though 😛 .


    • Yep my friends always took a train to Milan for their nightlife lol! I think it was a really nice place, slow and sleepy, very Italian! I definitely agree with you though, it’s a nice place to get away from the crowd but not to live there forever 😆


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