Finding Treasures in Portugal

This post was originally written for my old travel blog Dream Explore Wander.

Just incase you didn’t know. I am in love with Portugal. I don’t know why I didn’t come sooner to this stunning country where the food is just amazing, the people are as warm as the summer sun and the scenery makes me breathless.

And to add, Portugal is just full of treasures. By treasures here I mean art treasures, or better known as street arts. I love a decent street art that adds beauty in a place. I love it when they are painted in bright colours and contain bold statements.

Portugal is full of it. Some street arts are hard to miss, some are hidden and some are placed in a non-typical place. Here is a photo essay of what I saw in the streets of Lisbon and Porto.

I love this one, it’s so girly and different to the rest of the street arts.

While the other street arts are painted or sprayed, this one is totally unique. The artist used the chipped brick to create a face. I must say this is pretty stunning, don’t you agree?

This lady totally caught my attention. I assume she’s the Queen of Heart, she is so cool with her I-don’t-care facial expression, I just LOVE it.

I found this little giraffe in the street of Porto, not a huge street art but it attracted my attention with its bright orange paint.

And of course Zorro is from Porto! Look, he is holding a glass of red wine!

Do you love street arts as much as I do? Which one is your favourite Portuguese street art?

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