Hi, How Are You?

What a time to be alive right now!

I went to Singapore in January during Chinese New Year to visit my sister and I was a little worried about this virus that was going around in Wuhan. At that time Singapore didn’t have any significant cases yet.

I complained a little bit because all the shops were closed during the time I was there. Singapore was so quiet, it was unbelievable, I have never seen empty streets in this always bustling city. We opted for outdoor activities this time around and we were lucky to have been able to do some trails in the lush part of Singapore.

Went trekking in Singapore in January

Little did I know that things would spiral down pretty quickly in the weeks to come.

At the moment I teach at my former university. This is only my second semester and I am really enjoying it. I love coming into a class and teaching something new to the students. I love interacting with my students and being able to assist them if they have any questions. I love the lively discussions happening in the office corridors with my colleagues where we would brainstorm for new ideas. It is a whole new world, one that I have to start from scratch, but I don’t mind at all.

Three weeks ago, my campus declared that all classes would go online. Of course I was a little gutted, but I was actually more relieved. With the number of cases increasing, I was uncomfortable with continuing working. I had already started physical distancing and washing my hands constantly since early March, I was extremely worried since I have a background of serious illness.

I have now been at home for almost 4 weeks. I don’t find this quarantine life too much different than when I was quarantined after chemo. I have done this before, for years even, but this is different. Everyone at home is quarantined. Even with my so called “experience” of being quarantined, this is hard. I don’t know what’s to come, I don’t know when this will be over, I question the government, and I have so many questions like “how will we know it’s truly over when it’s over?”.

The first week was stressful. I was just panicking, I couldn’t divert my mind into thinking something else. I tried baking, reading, watching TV series and nothing worked.

After talking to several of my friends, I realized I am not the only one feeling this way. At least I have other people feeling the way I feel. This realization of being in this together makes me feel a little better, and I must say that there is some peace in knowing that.

I am trying to enjoy this new change, which I guess is what everyone is trying to do too. I gained some new knowledge like making homemade mac and cheese and sesame noodles (so easy and yummy!). With classes online, I had to learn how to create online videos and do my classes differently. I am also reading lots and lots of books. With everything online, I also got to stream my former church in England, it was nice to watch the service from here.

Bought a clip-on mic for recording online classes 😀

To all of you, I hope you stay safe. If you are working (medical workers, researchers, shopkeepers, couriers, online drivers, and many more) in this difficult time please, keep safe. Know that people, including myself, are so thankful for your hard work and endless courage to keep on providing things that the rest of us need.

This too shall pass.

Photo by fotografierende on Unsplash

18 thoughts on “Hi, How Are You?

  1. We are all nervous (and anxious) I think. Though probably not on the same level. We’ll get through this together, Aggy. Anyway, that is really good that you managed to read lots of books! I can only listen to a lot of Blinkist, always end up doing something else whenever I try to read a book. It’s hard to focus. Take care and stay healthy!


    • Take care to you tooooo and I hope you also get to do something fun amidst this craziness! I tried listening to an audio book and I quite enjoyed that too, maybe I should do it more often 😀


  2. We’re all feeling anxious and a bit stressed I think. It’s good to hear you’ve managed to go through lots of books and gained some knowledge during this time. I also have more time now to read and do my hobbies. Take care and stay safe ya Gy 💙


  3. I’ve been working from home for three weeks (it will be the fourth this upcoming week). While work has been a lot more stressful, albeit things do get done more efficiently, my houseplants probably benefit the most as now I have more time to pay attention to them. I’ve been trying to grow spinach and kangkung from seeds, as well as kecombrang, kunyit and kencur, among other things. When going to a supermarket is not as enjoyable as how it used to be (due to the fact that we all have to wear face masks and sometimes the line can be really long), I told myself maybe growing my own food is not a bad idea at all. Stay safe and healthy, Aggy!


    • I have been enjoying your plants updates Bama! I hope you will be able to grow your own food, it’s always satisfying to do so isn’t it? I have tried in the past to grow some herbs unfortunately they didn’t work out :(( I do have some pandan leaves in my garden and they are great for dessert 😀 Hope you stay healthy and safe too!


  4. Stay safe and healthy Gy, be physically and mentally! What has happened has indeed been very unprecedented! Like, even just a little over a month ago, never would I have thought things would be like the way things are now. But yes, this too, shall pass!


  5. We have been staying at home for more than a month here Aggy. There is acceptance for the situation. At the same time I am picking up old hobbies I normally hardly had time for. By doing this I hope to keep my sanity and cherish the hope that this indeed shall pass. Stay healthy and safe!


    • Yes Mbak, hobbies are so important! I’m also doing many hobbies and I’m trying to balance work and fun because sometimes it’s hard to draw the line when you’re always at home. Hoping the same to you too Mbak, stay safe and healthy!


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