About My Burumpi

Hello I’m Aggy! Welcome to My Burumpi. I know what an odd name, you wonder.

My life has been filled with a series of unexpected things. Most of them are extraordinary, but some are unfortunate. I have always turned to writing as as a mean of expressing my feelings through every single one of those events.

I came up with this blog when I was sick. At that time my health was at its lowest, cancer seemed to be mocking me. I had tried to keep my then travel blog, but I wasn’t travelling anymore and felt like a fraud for being a “travel blogger”. I wanted a space where I could just write about anything.

Creating blog names has never been my forte. I had just received a letter from three of my closest friends from my master programme. After reading their letter, which each one of them signed despite the fact that two of them lived in two different European countries and one in Singapore, I was touched. I remembered those times we spent together, laughing and joking around even though we were so burned out by our assignments. We used to compare our native languages and sometimes, surprisingly so, we would find one or two similar words (though different in meaning). Whenever I tried to speak Indonesian, they would say that they could only catch the words “lumpi” and “burumpi” (which of course doesn’t make any sense whatsoever!).

Perhaps to you it isn’t funny, but I really treasured those lazy hours I spent them. So that was how I came up with this name. A little strange for the public eye, but there’s a history there that is personal to me (so please let me be lol).

I am here to write about my life experiences, opinions and random things on my mind. So thank you for stopping by and making the time to get to know me a little bit.