About My Burumpi

Hello I’m Aggy! Welcome to My Burumpi. I know what an odd name, you wonder!

I like to think of my life as a series of unicorn experiences all bundled together because I keep experiencing weird and wonderful things, sometimes at the same time and it’s awesome but sometimes annoying. But that’s just the way a unicorn lives, people. I am a little weird and that’s okay too.

I am an Indonesian, born in Yogyakarta but I spent my childhood in Salatiga, a very small but awesome city in Central Java.

I spent my teenage years in Leeds, England with my family. So from that experience I have a bit of a Yorkshire lass in me and an Anglophile for life.

Then I did the whole university thing back in Yogyakarta and went to work in the chaotic mess of Jakarta where I met some of my bestest friends, of all places in the world, Jakarta!

Then I went to Europe to study, no I am not super rich but I did get a scholarship. I lived in Nantes, France for a year which turned me into a Francophile and I’m like that is no way possible because I can’t be in love with both England AND France. Well I decided that I can because I am a unicorn who makes her own rules.

I have also lived in Bucharest, Romania and Zürich, Switzerland for 6 months each because that was how my masters worked (see, weird and wonderful!).

Anyway, I have a good friend from Mexico whom I call online HMF (Handsome Mexican Friend – he insisted to call him that once). Every time he heard me talking Indonesian he was always saying “you sound lumpi lumpi burumpi burumpi” and I wasn’t offended by his words but thought it was hilarious! I thought My Burumpi would be the perfect name. Thank you HMF for the inspiration.

After finishing my masters I went back home, published a travel book with my travel blogger friends called Menghirup Dunia and in 2015, I was diagnosed with cancer. Currently I am fighting it the unicorn way and writing my experiences here too amongst other things. I also own a small business called Astanya where I design abstract patterns and make tote bags and pouches out of them.

So ANYWAY that’s about it! Hello to you!