Foodie Talk: Nasi Campur di Aroma Kasongan, Yogyakarta

Minggu lalu salah satu teman baik saya datang ke Jogja. Dia sih sudah tidak asing dengan Jogja, namun kedatangannya selalu saya tunggu-tunggu karena pergi dengan dia selalu menyenangkan. Saya memang tidak pernah membuat rencana, kami biasanya spontan memilih destinasi.

Kali ini saya mengajaknya untuk mencoba Aroma Kasongan. Saya sendiri belum pernah namun kelihatannya menarik. Kasongan juga salah satu area yang sering saya kunjungi untuk “cuci mata”. Duh barang-barang di Kasongan sungguh menarik.

Lokasi tempat ini di Jalan Raya Kasongan, jadi gak susah untuk mencarinya. Saat lihat foto-foto Aroma di Instagram, saya kira tempat ini besar ternyata tidak terlalu namun saya langsung senang ketika masuk.Read More »


Discovering The Truth About Dracula Castle

This post was originally written for my old travel blog Dream Explore Wander on 31 October 2016.

The day I decided to visit Bran Castle was all grey and cold with a chance of snow. Great. I took a peek at the sky and for a second I wanted to snooze for five more minutes. If only I was just visiting another castle. But no, I was going to Bran Castle, THE Dracula Castle. Any fans of Stoker would be stoked (pun intended) to see this place, and I too was excited about it. Besides, the gloomy weather gave some sort of dramatic effect.

My friends and I walked from our hostel to the said bus station that was supposed to take us to Stadionul Municipal. We had some trouble finding the right bus, but after asking a local with our very limited Romanian, we finally managed to find the bus. After getting inside the bus, we didn’t exactly know where to get off. Here was inside the bus, three very foreign looking tourists trying to find the right bus stop. We were lucky that the locals on the bus happily helped us.

The bus station was sad. It looked abandoned. I wondered if it would look more “cheerful” during the warmer months. No one was really there, and I was getting anxious that we were in the wrong place. A few people came, but I was still unsure. Maybe this was just the wrong time to see the castle, there didn’t seem to be many tourists like us, wait…is that wrong or perfect timing? I couldn’t decide. More people would justify that this was in fact the correct place to get to Bran, but more people would mean a crowded castle. As my mind was arguing with itself, a bus came. At the front of the bus was a sign “BRAN”. Oh yeah. Dracula Castle here I come.Read More »

A Glorious Morning at Sukorame Rice Field

It was the morning of my dad’s birthday. We set off at 6AM to go to Sukorame Rice Field (Sawah Sukorame). This rice field had been on my radar for quite a while and after much searching, I found the place to be doable for my physic. So off we went.

There are many things I love about rice fields. The colour, miles and miles of fresh green. The calm, meditative atmosphere. The sound of birds chirping like no one’s business. The silent wind that makes the scarecrows dance. This is the many reasons why I will never get tired of them, even when I see it every day.Read More »

Foodie Talk: A Quick Foodie Guide to Singapore

This post was originally written for my old travel blog Dream Explore Wander on 15 March 2017.

I’ve gone back and forth to Singapore quite a lot these past few years. That means, I’ve acquired some favourite places to eat. Of course to eat because this girl likes her food when travelling otherwise I get super hangry and no one wants to see that side of me.

Oh and I also know that Singapore is super expensive (who doesn’t notice right?!) so I don’t usually eat at expensive places UNLESS someone treats me (like my sister, haha!). Anyway, the places here are pretty affordable and you should totally give it a try on your next visit to Singapore!

Little India

If you are by any chance in Little India, don’t forget to visit my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE restaurant here. It’s called Jaggi’s and they specialised in Northern Indian cuisine. I got totally obsessed with this place because their butter chicken and garlic naan are to die for. They recently moved to a new area not far from their old place and it’s much bigger and brighter. They display the food and you can just choose what you want to eat. I always go for their butter chicken (did I tell you it’s amazing?!), aloo gobi (this potato and cauliflower dish that is crazy good), tandoori chicken and garlic naan. I love the fact that you can choose some dishes to share with your friends, although, I never share my butter chicken because they are just too good.Read More »

Foodie Talk: Where to Get Great Coffee in Yogyakarta

On this post my focus is on Great Coffee. I should emphasise this because in Yogyakarta (or maybe Indonesia?) there are MANY cafes who claim to serve great coffee but what they are actually selling is an instagrammable place. I love Instagram, I have nothing against it. If a place is instagrammable, that’s a plus for me but when you dedicate a coffee shop ONLY for that particular aspect (instead of the coffee part), it really drives me insane.

So let’s forget the instagrammable part and focus on the real deal: great coffee. I am not a coffee expert but I do like a good cup of coffee. Strong flavours, not runny, preferably with good bites.

Here are some coffee shops that I really like in Yogyakarta. Perhaps they are not the most instagrammable but I totally recommend it for its taste.

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A (Polish) Wedding to Remember

This post was originally written for my old travel blog Dream Explore Wander on 14 March 2013.

Back in September, I went to Poland for the first time. I also went to a Polish wedding party, for the first time too. I have written about it before, but as I read my previous post about it, I feel like I didn’t do the great event any justice. I didn’t write enough about its atmosphere, its bursting energy, my mixed emotions – I feel like I just have to re-write the experience in a more personal and deeper meaning. I also think that the event in itself deserves one full post concentrating on that happy moment.

So here I am, rewriting my experience because it was not only a trip, it was a cultural gathering, celebrating the love of two people in a country where I didn’t speak the language and barely know the culture – and somehow I was invited to be a part of it all. Words just cannot describe how happy I was to be a part of that wedding celebration. 50 years from now when I’m grey and old and sitting in a rocking chair, I would like to open my blog and re-read this story because it has given me the chance to explore a culture in a way only a few people could experience. I would like to reminisce about how extremely happy everyone was at the party and the couple gleaming with love. I would like to remember all that and smile about it.

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Weekend di Jogja Bersama Teman Lama

Salah satu teman baik saya yang kebetulan bekerja di Singapore berkunjung ke Jogja 2 minggu yang lalu. Kami bertemu ketika kuliah S2 dan sudah berteman bahkan sebelum kuliah dimulai. Kebetulan nama saya (Agata) adalah nama yang populer di negara asalnya, Polandia. Waktu itu dia mengirimkan pesan untuk saya dan berkata bahwa nama saya familiar buatnya hahaha.

Kami sudah banyak melalui banyak hal bersama dari bete karena assignment yang bikin kepala pecah hingga bersenang-senang saat musim panas datang. Saat dia pindah ke Singapore saya senang sekali namun sayangnya saya sedang parah-parahnya sakit sehingga tidak bisa langsung ketemu dengannya. Beberapa saat setelah dia settle, dia dan adik saya datang ke Kuala Lumpur untuk menjenguk saya yang saat itu sedang tidak bisa apa-apa di rumah sakit. Read More »