Jadi weekend ini saya kedatangan tamu dari Jakarta, dua teman saya. Sebenarnya teman mama saya sih, atau teman keluarga lebih tepatnya.

Sejak kecil kan saya hidup di lingkungan keluarga pendeta, jadi yang namanya pastori (rumah pendeta) itu gak pernah sepi. Ada aja orang. Kalau ada mahasiswa yang butuh tempat tinggal, ya pasti akan diadakan tempat. Pokoknya rumah gak pernah sepi.Read More »

Cancer Talk #28: Learning to Surrender

Mid 2016

(I haven’t updated Cancer Talk in a while because….I have been enjoying life :D)

By mid 2016 I had done several rounds of chemo. Don’t ask me how many times, because I forgot.

Ask me about the name of drugs used in my chemo, I won’t know.

Often I can’t remember whether my lymphoma is Hodgkin’s or non-Hodgkin’s.

Some may call me ignorant, not caring enough about my disease, or reckless even.Read More »

The Best Compliment

Day {15} What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

Recently, people have been telling me that I am strong and that I don’t give up easily. And it’s funny because when I hear them say that, I’m like “Me strong? Me not giving up easily?! That’s a laugh, they should see me when I’m on the floor, crying, cursing, and wanting to give up!”.Read More »

In Six Months…

Day {12} What are you most looking forward to in the next six months?

I have only one thing: to be free from cancer.

It has been such a long battle and I want to have my life back. I want to do something useful with my life and I also would like to repay the kindness that have been generously given to me by so many people.