Silence and Coffee at Omah Minggir

It was December when I first heard of the name “Omah Minggir”. One of my favourite woman entrepreneurs, Alarasati (who makes beautiful ceramics), was on vacation in Yogyakarta and her place of stay piqued my interest. She tagged Omah Minggir and I had to settle my curiosity. One of my favourite things about living in this tourist city is ironically it is the travellers who often find places that I would never have found myself.

Within minutes I found out that Omah Minggir was not very far from my house. I was excited at the prospect of coming to this place very soon and informed my family that we simply must go there.

January, the holiday was over, people were going back to work and Yogya was finally a little less crowded. I decided to call Omah Minggir before coming since the place was around 20 minutes away from my place and I didn’t want to find it close when I got there. The friendly man who owns the place assured me that it was open for business.

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Foodie Talk: Mencicipi Makanan Baru di Singapura

Saya jarang sekali mencicipi makanan baru di Singapura. Alasannya, setiap kali ke sana, adik saya lebih suka masak di rumah. Kalau pun pergi keluar, kami memilih untuk makan di tempat-tempat yang sudah pasti enaknya. Maklum, agak pelit kalau di Singapura karena harga makanan mahal dan belum tentu enak.

Kali ini saya pergi ke Singapura agak lama jadi saya dan adik membagi waktu antara makan di rumah dan keluar. Selain itu, beberapa teman saya juga mengajak saya untuk pergi keluar sehingga saya berkesempatan untuk mencicipi tempat-tempat baru. Berikut ini “penemuan” baru saya, mungkin bisa anda coba saat di Singapura.Read More »

Foodie Talk: Where to Eat in Chiang Mai

Here’s the thing with me: I love to eat.

Here’s the thing with Chiang Mai: Food is one of its greatest fortes.

Food in Chiang Mai

There is nothing I love more that being in a new place and trying out all the new, delicious things offered there. I may not be the world’s most adventurous eater, but I am willing to try anything that looks interesting to me. Chiang Mai certainly did not disappoint, but who am I kidding, I was in Thailand, of course the food was going to be phenomenal. And so here are my food adventures in Chiang Mai!Read More »

Foodie Talk: Nasi Campur di Aroma Kasongan, Yogyakarta

Minggu lalu salah satu teman baik saya datang ke Jogja. Dia sih sudah tidak asing dengan Jogja, namun kedatangannya selalu saya tunggu-tunggu karena pergi dengan dia selalu menyenangkan. Saya memang tidak pernah membuat rencana, kami biasanya spontan memilih destinasi.

Kali ini saya mengajaknya untuk mencoba Aroma Kasongan. Saya sendiri belum pernah namun kelihatannya menarik. Kasongan juga salah satu area yang sering saya kunjungi untuk “cuci mata”. Duh barang-barang di Kasongan sungguh menarik.

Lokasi tempat ini di Jalan Raya Kasongan, jadi gak susah untuk mencarinya. Saat lihat foto-foto Aroma di Instagram, saya kira tempat ini besar ternyata tidak terlalu namun saya langsung senang ketika masuk.Read More »

Foodie Talk: A Quick Foodie Guide to Singapore

This post was originally written for my old travel blog Dream Explore Wander on 15 March 2017.

I’ve gone back and forth to Singapore quite a lot these past few years. That means, I’ve acquired some favourite places to eat. Of course to eat because this girl likes her food when travelling otherwise I get super hangry and no one wants to see that side of me.

Oh and I also know that Singapore is super expensive (who doesn’t notice right?!) so I don’t usually eat at expensive places UNLESS someone treats me (like my sister, haha!). Anyway, the places here are pretty affordable and you should totally give it a try on your next visit to Singapore!

Little India

If you are by any chance in Little India, don’t forget to visit my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE restaurant here. It’s called Jaggi’s and they specialised in Northern Indian cuisine. I got totally obsessed with this place because their butter chicken and garlic naan are to die for. They recently moved to a new area not far from their old place and it’s much bigger and brighter. They display the food and you can just choose what you want to eat. I always go for their butter chicken (did I tell you it’s amazing?!), aloo gobi (this potato and cauliflower dish that is crazy good), tandoori chicken and garlic naan. I love the fact that you can choose some dishes to share with your friends, although, I never share my butter chicken because they are just too good.Read More »

Foodie Talk: Where to Get Great Coffee in Yogyakarta

On this post my focus is on Great Coffee. I should emphasise this because in Yogyakarta (or maybe Indonesia?) there are MANY cafes who claim to serve great coffee but what they are actually selling is an instagrammable place. I love Instagram, I have nothing against it. If a place is instagrammable, that’s a plus for me but when you dedicate a coffee shop ONLY for that particular aspect (instead of the coffee part), it really drives me insane.

So let’s forget the instagrammable part and focus on the real deal: great coffee. I am not a coffee expert but I do like a good cup of coffee. Strong flavours, not runny, preferably with good bites.

Here are some coffee shops that I really like in Yogyakarta. Perhaps they are not the most instagrammable but I totally recommend it for its taste.

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Foodie Talk: A Foodie Guide to Penang

This post was originally written for my old travel blog Dream Explore Wander on 26 January 2014.

When you are in Penang, one of the activities you are encouraged to do is to eat. The streets of Penang is filled with people chattering on the side of the street with a plate full of goodness. From savoury food to sweet desserts, there is something for everyone. Asian food is always exciting, it’s more than just a bite to fulfill the stomach, there’s always a lot of colours and tons of flavours involved, which I can never get enough!

I found the food in Penang to be delicious and cheap. A drink should not cost more than 2 RM while a full meal should be around 3-5 RM, unless of course you eat inside a fancy café. Hopefully this guide can help you find some mouth-watering food when you visit Penang.Read More »