Healthy Bites in Yogyakarta

I have been really enjoying my hometown lately. Despite the horrible traffic (that is getting worse by the minute), Yogyakarta is slowly turning into a city with interesting culinary choices. There are so many cuisines here from local food to Indian, Italian, French, you name it. I have to admit that not all those cuisines are worth trying since many are adjusted to the likings of “Yogyakartans” (hence sickly sweet :P), but there are some worthy of trying.

With the rise of many health-conscious communities in Yogyakarta, I also see many health-conscious restaurants popping up here and there. This really makes me happy!

Here are some of the places to eat in Yogyakarta that I consider to have high awareness of their food source and to ensure that their food is of the highest quality. I know that “healthy” is too big of a word so what I mean here is that these places offer a balanced diet menu, with lots of veggies options and often even vegan and vegetarian options. These places do not use MSG and make the effort to use mostly local products.Read More »


Favourite Noodles of Petaling Jaya

It's been a while since I posted here, really am trying to be a better blogger LOL but I am failing miserably (obviously).

Anyway, this time I'm gonna be writing about food, everyone's favourite topic.

I have a little confession with you, I am a little tired of "Malaysian food". Don't get me wrong, it's not that the food in Malaysia is bad, it is not. I've written plenty about my favourite cuisines in Penang, Melaka and Kuala Lumpur, but it's just ever since my treatments in Malaysia, I associate Malaysia with hospital visits. As I used to stay for a long period of time in Malaysia for my hospital visits, having the same kind of food over and over again really made me frustrated. I missed Indonesian food and I just grew tired of nasi lemak and friends.Read More »

Cara Mudah Scan Foto Analog

Penemuan yang bikin seneng sendiri pada minggu ini adalah: Google PhotoScan.

Gak sengaja banget nemu aplikasi ini karena sedang download yang lain, terus saya iseng download juga.

Ternyata aplikasi ini memudahkan kita untuk scan foto-foto analog dengan mudah. Di rumah, saya punya banyak banget foto analog dan memang pingin banget saya simpan secara digital tapi bayangin harus satu-satu dimasukin ke scanner dan nungguin satu per satu discan aja saja udah lelah. Read More »

Kopi Enak di Melcosh Cafe, Kaliurang

Rasanya udah lama banget gak nulis di blog. April ini saya agak stress karena bulan depan saya harus scan. Saya mencoba untuk gak terlalu memikirkan scan-nya tapi saya yang suka overthinking ini yaaa gimana ya…susah susah gampang melakukan itu 😛

Untuk gak terlalu mikirin, papa saya lagi suka banget ngajak saya ngopi ke Kaliurang. Jadi teman mama yang tinggalnya di daerah Jalan Kaliurang, pernah bilang ke saya ada cafe yang kopinya enak di Kaliurang. Tapi saya belum pernah nyobain karena Kaliurang cukup jauh dari rumah saya.Read More »

A Book for You to Read

{Day 7} Recommend a book for us to read. Why do you think it’s important?

I really enjoyed reading Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. This is a graphic novel about Satrapi’s early life in Iran. She is the great granddaughter of Iran’s last emperor. Her story shows of how it was being a young woman in Iran, of finding herself in the midst of the country’s ever changing state, of being an independent and free woman in the face of so many restrictions.

I’m not going to go into any details, but I found it really moving and I love how completely honest it is. Her story is compelling and somehow I could relate to it though my life is nothing compared to Satrapi’s.

The fact that this book is written in a graphic novel way made it easier for me to understand the struggle of Iranians at that time. Satrapi also injects a little humour here and there which makes it refreshing despite the heavy topics projected throughout the book. Go and grab a copy!

FULL DISCLOSURE: The book titles are affiliated links to Book Depository. I recommend Book Depository since I am a satisfied customer myself and should you purchase through the links I will get a very small percentage (at NO EXTRA COST TO YOU).




My Burumpi’s Year in Books

So this year I set myself a Goodreads Reading Challenge of 50 books. From 2014-2015, I hardly read any book, I was so focused on being sad and miserable that even books couldn’t cheer me up (they usually do a pretty good job).

Earlier this year, I stared at my piles of unread books and started to go through them. My love for reading came back and I couldn’t be happier.

Picture from here
In total I read 72 books, which is actually quite amazing given that I’m an extremely slow reader (I’m the type of person who takes each word slowly, imagining each scene inside my own little imagination factory). Usually I only read contemporary romance/young adult books, but this year I decided I wanted to read anything that sounds interesting.Read More »