Healthy Bites in Yogyakarta

I have been really enjoying my hometown lately. Despite the horrible traffic (that is getting worse by the minute), Yogyakarta is slowly turning into a city with interesting culinary choices. There are so many cuisines here from local food to Indian, Italian, French, you name it. I have to admit that not all those cuisines are worth trying since many are adjusted to the likings of “Yogyakartans” (hence sickly sweet :P), but there are some worthy of trying.

With the rise of many health-conscious communities in Yogyakarta, I also see many health-conscious restaurants popping up here and there. This really makes me happy!

Here are some of the places to eat in Yogyakarta that I consider to have high awareness of their food source and to ensure that their food is of the highest quality. I know that “healthy” is too big of a word so what I mean here is that these places offer a balanced diet menu, with lots of veggies options and often even vegan and vegetarian options. These places do not use MSG and make the effort to use mostly local products.Read More »


Favourite Noodles of Petaling Jaya

It's been a while since I posted here, really am trying to be a better blogger LOL but I am failing miserably (obviously).

Anyway, this time I'm gonna be writing about food, everyone's favourite topic.

I have a little confession with you, I am a little tired of "Malaysian food". Don't get me wrong, it's not that the food in Malaysia is bad, it is not. I've written plenty about my favourite cuisines in Penang, Melaka and Kuala Lumpur, but it's just ever since my treatments in Malaysia, I associate Malaysia with hospital visits. As I used to stay for a long period of time in Malaysia for my hospital visits, having the same kind of food over and over again really made me frustrated. I missed Indonesian food and I just grew tired of nasi lemak and friends.Read More »

Nasi Goreng Jowo Paling Enak se-Jogja

Sebenernya ga bisa juga sih diklaim “se-Jogja” karena untuk mendapatkan penghargaan itu harus nyobain SEMUA nasi goreng di Jogja. ANYWAY…

Saya ini paling ribet masalah nasi goreng. Paling suka nasi goreng Jowo, yang dimasak dengan areng pakai kecap manis, telur dan ayam kampung. Tapi saya paling ga suka kalau ada jerohan-jerohan plus gajih-gajihnya ayam, apalagi kalau minyaknya kebanyakan duhhh. Saya juga ga suka kalau nasinya kelemesen karena jadi benyek, apalagi kalau nasinya kekerasan…ribet banget yak jadi orang.Read More »