The Olive Trail and Gandria

This post was originally written for my old travel blog Dream Explore Wander on 19 July 2013.

After finishing everything, I decided to give myself a one week break to enjoy Switzerland. I wanted to do a trip to Interlaken, or anywhere nice, by myself. The great thing about being a travel blogger is that you always can rely on your fellow traveller friends to give opinions on where to go. Some places besides Interlaken were suggested, but my partner in crime, Aiko, suggested Lugano. She wanted to make a trip there when she was in Geneva but never had the chance and she managed to talk me into it.

I searched for Lugano and picked up some keywords including charming, villages, walking, beautiful scenery, old town.

And so it was decided, a day trip to Lugano. I have never been to the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland so this was a great chance to do it.Read More »

That Picturesque City Called Luzern

This post was originally written for my old travel blog Dream Explore Wander on 10 March 2013.

“Luzern is like a pretty town out of a postcard” – those are the words coming from my work mate when I informed him that I was visiting Luzern for the weekend. Every since I arrived in Switzerland, I have not stopped smiling. In Geneva, the old town is simple but pretty with small cafes decorating the pavements. In Zurich, where I am living now, is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever lived. I always feel like hugging the whole city just because I feel so lucky to be here. The lake offers incredible view whatever the weather is like, the city transportation is amazingly punctual and neat and everywhere you walk, the streets are clean and nice to stroll in.Read More »

My Guide to Zürich

This post was originally written for my old travel blog Dream Explore Wander.

Zürich is one of those flawless cities. Located in the northern part of Switzerland, this beauty is blessed with a beautiful old town and the shimmering water of Lake Zürich. I consider this city to be the best place I have ever lived, I praise its neat city planning, the reliable transportation and the peaceful neighbourhoods. Let’s just for a second ignore the fact that Zürich is listed as one of the most expensive cities in the world, and focus on the reasons why this place should be on your next must-see list.

Zürich is your dream destination if you:

  • love promenades by the riverside/lakeside, having occasional dips when the weather permits
  • think hot chocolate is the best comfort drink to warm the winters
  • adore strolling around a picturesque old town
  • love the city life as well as the quiet and tranquil nature
  • are a chocoholic and/or a shopaholic

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Walking in the Zürich Wonderland

This post was originally written for my old travel blog Dream Explore Wander.

It’s almost that time of year again. The most anticipated holiday of the year.

Christmas! I love celebrating Christmas, and most of all I love celebrating it in Europe. The cold weather, snow (in most part of Europe), the coloured decorations, the Christmas market, the endless delicious food – things you just cannot get in my birth country.

If you are still wondering where to go this Christmas, I recommend you: Zürich, Switzerland.

Really, if there is a place to be nominated as winter wonderland, I would put Zürich in my list. It’s truly a beautiful city with friendly people and amazing food.Read More »