Foodie Talk: Where to Eat in Chiang Mai

Here’s the thing with me: I love to eat.

Here’s the thing with Chiang Mai: Food is one of its greatest fortes.

Food in Chiang Mai

There is nothing I love more that being in a new place and trying out all the new, delicious things offered there. I may not be the world’s most adventurous eater, but I am willing to try anything that looks interesting to me. Chiang Mai certainly did not disappoint, but who am I kidding, I was in Thailand, of course the food was going to be phenomenal. And so here are my food adventures in Chiang Mai!Read More »

Marvelling the Old City of Chiang Mai

On the first full day in Chiang Mai I was quite tired from the two flights I had to take the day before (we had a one day layover in Singapore) so I slept in. After having breakfast from the nearby bakery, I dragged myself to explore the city.

Since it was a little bit hot and we were still really tired, we opted to take Grab to one of the temples that was written as my must-see, Wat Chedi Luang. We went passed Tha Phae Gate, one of the gates in the wall that surrounds the old city, and made a note that I must return there when it wasn’t so crowded with tourists (wishful thinking as I later found out). The wall was built during the reign of King Mengrai for the purpose of protecting his kingdom. There are several gates, each one of them with a certain astrological significance.

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Tha Phae Gate – always full of tourists

Wat Chedi Luang was just as I expected, grand and spectacular. When I entered though, the first thing I noticed were this huge tree stretching to the sky, the Dipterocarp tree and the shrine beside it. Inside the shrine is the city pillar (Lak Meuang) which acts as a protector to the city. In Chiang Mai, the city pillar is called Inthakin meaning Indra’s pillar. Based on the legend, the pillar was given to the Lawa people who once resided before Chiang Mai was even founded by the god Indra to protect them. You can find city pillars in most cities in Thailand.Read More »

My First Impressions of Chiang Mai

The last time I traveled somewhere new was in 2014. I went to Bangkok and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to. I remember it all so clearly. I hated the city, the pollution and all the noise. I also remember that I would’ve tolerated Bangkok a lot more if I wasn’t in so much pain. My body felt strange, it ached everywhere, it just didn’t feel right.

By the end of the year, I knew what was wrong.

Fast forward to present time, I am still in treatment but it is not as hard as the years before. I go to the hospital every two months for an antibody infusion. Since this infusion does not have heavy side effects, I am able to lead a somewhat “normal life”.

One day my sister suggested a holiday for the whole family to relax and unwind, after all there was no doubt we needed it. When I asked her where, she wasn’t sure so we searched for options. I didn’t want to go too far as I didn’t want to overtire myself with long distance flight. After much searching, I suggested Chiang Mai in Thailand. I read that the city is relaxed (unlike Bangkok) and there are lots of cafes and restaurants. We all agreed.Read More »